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    This resource page will always be a work in progress as we continue to add information weekly. Please click on a topic below to view online resources in that category. To submit a link, please click here.

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    Articles about Baby Boomers
    Where The Bucks AreWhere The Bucks Are
    Youth-obsessed Madison Avenue is missing the biggest, richest market of the future. Boomer women have money to spend and make most purchasing decisions. Plus, they live 15 years longer than their husbands. So why aren't advertisers paying them any attention?
    Sisters Are Doing It For Us AllSisters Are Doing It For Us All
    Eric Weinstock's opinion on baby boomer women...
    Are you Baby Boomer material?Are you Baby Boomer material?
    Take this fun quiz by Queen Jaw Jaw to determine if you fall into "Boomer Status!"
    Jumpin' Jack Flash NewsletterJumpin' Jack Flash Newsletter
    Respectable: April 12, 2004, the Day Growing Older Became Okay for Boomers Courtesy of The Boomer Project
    Jumpin' Jack Flash NewsletterJumpin' Jack Flash Newsletter
    Sad Sad Sad: Somebody Moved the Target? Courtesy of The Boomer Project
    Jumpin' Jack Flash NewsletterJumpin' Jack Flash Newsletter
    Flashpoint: Boomers Over 50 and Long-Term Care Marketing by Robin Raff, Boomer Business & Beyond Courtesy of The Boomer Project
    Jumpin' Jack Flash NewsletterJumpin' Jack Flash Newsletter
    How Boomer Women Will Rewrite the Rules of Age and Beauty Courtesy of The Boomer Project this new genre, no heroine can be younger than 48By Marilyn Gardner
    http://www.palmbeachpost.comForever-young Baby Boomers finding 50 is the new 30By Don Fernandez
    Jumpin' Jack Flash NewsletterJumpin' Jack Flash Newsletter
    Latest News & Insights from the Boomer Project
    Jumpin' Jack Flash NewsletterJumpin' Jack Flash Newsletter
    Some Girls II: How Boomer Women Are Writing New Rules on Aging boomers Haven?t Lost That Lovin? Feeling, by Ron Gara
    About BoomersAbout Boomers
    HUGS and HOPE
    http://www.hermentorcenter.comThe site addresses issues of women in their 40's, 50's, & early sixties, including relationships, career, health and well-being. Focus is on the process of transition and how women can deal with the changes at this time of life. Created by 3 mental health professionals it includes women's stories, suggestions from the professionals, and resources for each issue covered.
    http://jolynwellsmoran.comSubscribe to the free, monthly Midlife News, and receive this enewsletter on midlife relationships, finances, health, teen parenting, and much more on the joys and challenges of midlife.
    http://boomersint.orgHumorous articles relating to baby boomers and their families, several that are "calls to action" for baby boomers, and one about a recent, live Paul McCartney Concert.
    http://www.marketingtoboomers.comMarketing information for women entrepreneurs and corporate executives interested in targeting boomer women Education - Information and articles for teen parenting, troubled teens, teen education, teen boot camps. Also provide parents to offer their views about military schools, boarding schools and parenting issues. Sittler interviews Jack Klugman at
    Red Hot RevolutionRed Hot Revolution
    Place to sell my book-n-pin gift set entitled "Red Hot Revolution". I didn't start this revolution, I simply gave it a name. My book tells our evolution and the red stiletto pin symbolizes women who are living and giving with passion - the true 'red hot' lady!
    Baby Boomer Knowledge Center
    Knowledge [ba²se]™ is a custom search engine that offers users a custom-tailored "boomer search experience." Built using Google's core search engine technology, Knowledge [ba²se]™ prioritizes search results based on blogs, websites and pages that are relevant to the baby boomer generation.

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