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    Boomer Women Speak Forum Testimonials
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    Allow me to tell you why I just renewed my NABBW membership.

    The BWS forums allow me to have a sense of "belonging." As a childless woman, not of my own choosing, in a world full of mothers and now grandmothers, I've felt so out of place my entire adult life with no experiences of childbirth, first teeth, first steps, graduations, weddings to share and chit-chat about.

    Here at the BWS forums, it's so great to be among women who have lives outside of their children. I can "virtually" converse with those on subjects that I can identify with, without feeling as though I have two heads by not being a mother.

    Thank you for offering a neutral place of comfort for all "walks" of life. I feel at home with you!

    Diane (Di)

    Dotsie Bregel is the voice of the Baby Boomer women generation. The National Association of Baby Boomer Women and Boomer Women Speak web sites have deep truths that we all can relate to. I look to Dotsie Bregel for guidance, education and inspiration. She is truly a gift to us all.

    Linda Hollander, Wealthy Bag Lady, Founder of the Women’s Small Business Expo

    I can't say enough about and the power of advertising with them. Referrals from this site are consistent. BWS continues to be the highest referring site I have each month. Lots of bang for the buck for sure! Her rates are more than fair. Dotsie is so easy to work with. Aside from the benefits of advertising, I love to peruse the boards as often as I can. I have found the BWS forums to be a great resource. Thanks to Dotsie for all of her hard work and providing us with such a valuable service.

    Eileen Kisailus
    Lunar Radiance ~ Sleepwear Solutions for Women With Night Sweats

    I cannot express my gratitude enough to Dotsie for sharing her resources. I hired Michelle at Boschel Creative to do the web site for my book, “Got Teeth? A Survivor’s Guide How to keep your teeth or live without them.” Michelle is a terrific designer, wonderful to work with, open to ideas, responsive, and a true professional.

    I have had a tremendous response to my web site. It is professional, easy to navigate, uncluttered, and it has everything I wanted on it. I continue to receive compliments. Kudos to Michelle for her expertise and to Dotsie for sharing. The NABBW discount I received for using Michelle's web design was an added and welcome bonus!


    Dotsie Bregel walks her talk when it comes to championing Boomer women. She embodies the kind of womanpower that I write, speak and teach about in my workshops. Power that comes from authenticity, modesty, empathy and generosity of spirit. The kind of supportive power that empowers others.

    Donna Henes, author of
    The Queen of My Self: Stepping into Sovereignty in Midlife

    Whoa! WOW, and OH MY! I could never have imagined the response I would get from all of you about my little dog Beaumont and his death. I wanted to offer you the most heart felt THANK YOU for your AMAZING empathy, web sites to go to, advice, your own stories, your understanding, your poems, songs, life after death experiences and more.

    I want you to know that I read every single, solitary word that each person wrote to me. I was just asking for information on death, and sites to go to and WOW I got a flood of love and support that I hadn't expected. I went to every single web site, read every poem and relished every carefully scripted email. Since I have way more friends than I realize out there in the world, I am not able to answer each one individually. Please know that I cherish you as a person and your words and feelings. 

    My best description of what I have felt this week is terror. I have needed your help to pull from this place; terror of how it happened, that he was only 5 years old and terror that this could possibly be real. I imagine that deep sadness is what is next for me. It is hard for me because I work at my home office and Beau was next to me about 20-24 hours a day. I know that Beau and I were equally as shocked by incident-the door slamming. Just bang, wew, oh no! At the same time we were both saying, "What?" I don't really blame myself but I still say "What if," about a thousand times a day.

    My LDS faith is the foundation to the eternal perspective which I hold on to. With out a shadow of a doubt I know there is an after life and that God lives; I would still like to know specifically where Bobees is. I appreciate my eternal family and what I have now. Every one of you said I would move past my pain...I believe you.

    I am going to compile an e-book, called "Oh Where oh Where has my Little Dog Gone?" Positive Experiences with Death and Loss.

    Darlene Braden

    I joined the Boomer forum on the 30th December last year. I was in relaxed holiday mode and felt that I had stumbled on a girlfriends. It has been an enriching experience and I want to thank you all for such warmth and kindness. For the past few months I have been battling with illness and just reading about your lives has been helpful. Especially the nights I’m burning the midnight oil. Wherever you are, however you spend the holiday season I wish you "All the Best."
    - Mountain Ash, Colorado

    When I first joined the forum, I thought, gee everyone knows everyone here…it might be hard to get noticed, or even get a response.

    I've posted topics which no one has responded to or were covered up the next day…but that happens to everyone. And some topics I don't answer because I think others know more then I do or can relate better. And sometimes it's just a matter of finding the time.
    I know I spend way too much time on the forum… my work is suffering under it, but I have a real need to communicate with you all, so what the heck, I'm allowing myself this pleasure. I've worked enough years without the luxury of having a girlfriend to chat with…got a lot of catching up to do.

    I would and could never say any of these ladies stand out more than the others. I think it's amazing how all the different personalities shine through without ever having met anyone here personally. You are all very real and very dear to me, and I have a place in my heart for each and every one of you.

    - Hannelore, Germany

    What a great place! I feel like it's really true about how God puts people in our lives when we need them. It's probably not just by luck that I happened upon this website. I can already tell this is a place I will come back to often.
    - 49erDonna, California

    Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve 2006, and I'm about to kick in with a family party tonight. So before I get too busy, I want to say to all my friends Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for your help and support and laughter and tears and advice and stories this past year. I go into the next year knowing I'm supported by so many lovely, strong women. You all mean the world to me and I am so blessed for this site (Thank you Dotsie) and for those who are there when I need you. My life has been enriched by each one of you and I want to thank you for being here. I look forward to visiting with you online next year and I wish you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Year's. May God bless you all, dear, dear friends. All my love….
    - Dee, Alabama
    Yep, I'm an Air Force Veteran "Don't be afraid...get excited!"

    You all just put tears in my eyes due to your support. I never expected this outpouring of kindness. Thank you so much. You see, when I was abused I was told to never tell or I would die. Or that my mother would die. (Both my father and brother said that while abusing me.) Or, in the case of domestic violence, the man I was married to, told me he would kill himself if I ever said anything, or find me and kill me. Decades later, I had the passion to write about all this and the mission to confront violence, but never the AMBITION to reach out on a large scale. Now I think that the desire to bring a message of hope is greater than the need to hide in fear. They can't hurt me anymore. And I am uplifted by the support of my cohorts, colleagues, and sincere and genuine friends at BWS. God is the driving force behind this site, Dotsie, you are the instrument that made it happen.
    Love and Light….

    - Princess Lenora, Colorado
    I am the author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story. I share my story of recovery from trauma. My passion is writing & my mission is to confront violence & promote peace.

    I truly believe listening is an art and shows true concern and interest for a friends needs. The advice given here in the forum shows we have many, many good listeners and their advice and council comes right from the heart. With so many posts to read and attend to sometimes it is difficult to read (listen) intently but is necessary because some of the women here tell me this is the “one place” they come to for help, advice, comfort and learning. For myself, you encouraging Boomer women have given me the inner strength to finally leave a dead end job and believe in myself enough to realize my lifelong ambition of becoming an Editor….
    Chatty, Nevada

    I think BWS is how it was for me in school; a familiar place with familiar people. We have the "old" girls and the "new" girls. Propriety observed, respect, support and acceptance readily given in the "buddy" system in the way that school was. Very comforting!
    Lola , London

    I think that the top priority of most of the women, who come and stay here in BWS, is first and foremost to "connect, encourage and support." That was Dotsie's vision for this place. A place that she felt, led through prayer, to create for boomer women.

    We come from all walks of life and various corners of the world; some of us arrive very wounded and broken when we stumble in here, some strong and willing to share their strength, wisdom and experience with those who now struggle down the same road.

    There's give and take, we ebb and flow with wisdom, laughter, healing, prayer, whether wounded, lost, or found, whatever, we give and take; we just gather here to connect, encourage and support one another in whatever chapter of life each is going through at any given moment of being here.

    It's true, many of us are writers (many are empty-nesters who went searching for our purpose and passion and found writing to be that "next step," but our primary focus here is not on the "doing" itself but on "being" here for one another as we search for what it is we want to be "doing" with our lives at this stage of the journey.

    It's an awesome thing to watch Dotsie's dream coming alive before our eyes. Healing is happening here. This is "home away from home," a sanctuary, a coffee house,   essentially it's whatever we make it out to be, through whatever light, love, wisdom and encouragement we each flow into it.

    I wrote a book. So technically I guess you could call me an Author. But my being here has absolutely nothing to do with my being a writer and everything to do with me being a woman needing other women in my life.
    - Eagle Heart, Canada
    "Eagle Born to Fly: Finding Life Beyond Depression"

    Yes Dotsie, thanks for being a "gatherer" who gathers women together - to a safe and healing place! You and the women on this website - have been a huge blessing in my life!
    - Danita, Colorado

    I did a radio interview the other day. It was approximately an hour long. The topic was Finding Balance at Midlife. However, the male interviewer talked mainly about the forum community. Basically, he couldn't believe that it actually works the way it does. He found it hard to believe because he once hosted a forum and had to shut it down due to interlopers and spammers. I tried to explain that it rarely happens and when it does, the forum community polices it and/or alerts me. He made me realize what a precious community we have here. Ladies, thanks for all you do to keep this a place where women can connect, encourage and support one another. I love it.
    - Dotsie, Maryland
    Founder of Boomer Women Speak and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

    Isn't it funny how close we all feel to each other even though we are miles and miles even  Countries away, from each other?
    - Robin, North Carolina
    Fresh Cooking From Your Garden:

    I'm laughing too. How right you are; men don't have the keys to run a forum like this. If they have heart, they don't have the brains. If they have the brains, they lack sensitivity. In my opinion, women are much more sensitive than men. Women's feelings run deeper and their hearts are larger!!! I love this forum and come here “every chance” I get. Thanks Dotsie! You're a doll!!
    - Bonnie Rose, New York

    I came back to read these replies and I have a lump in my throat. That stuff only happens to me when I am deeply touched.

    Today is my day off and I have all the time in the world to thank each of you.
    After I started this topic yesterday, I spent a few minutes with God, alone, outside. He assures me that “It will be alright, no matter which way the ball rolls.” His plan is already in place……

    Eagle Heart you started this lump in my throat. You are right. I won't be alone when I walk in there. When I open that door, they will just see me, not my barrage of supporters who are there in prayer and spirit. Ha, little do they know……

    Lola, I do have transferable skills. Yes, I will tell them. I have so much to offer. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I need to prepare for that.

    Hannelore, my CD Player is not working in my car, so I will listen to my favorite radio station. It relaxes me. I will make sure I have it on. (I am one smart cookie.)

    Dotsie, The site you posted is for me... I have bookmarked it. If God is for me, who can be against me? He will be with me all the way. How could I forget that?

    Starting Over, I used to say “ I will do all things through Christ who strengthen me.” It will be my words as I enter the room. Your reminder comes at a good time for me.

    Anno, this site IS the greatest. Angels you are. I will visualize as I am there. I'll give you a wink when I feel your presence. Thanks for being a part of my life.

    Chatty, I AM woman... and Yes I CAN do anything I set my mind to. Especially at this stage of my life. I will instill this in my mind.

    Eagle Heart, again, I have made a note of what you wrote about my essential message...I am going to prepare for that after I post here.

    Smile, you made me think...What's a little old interview? True. There are so many other things I could be facing besides that. This should be a piece of cake for me.

    Meredith, I AM the best person for this job...They need me. I'll be sure to tell them the appropriate interview way.
    I came here looking for support and encouragement when I was feeling low in self esteem and strength. I didn't pick up the phone to call a friend or family member. I came here. A place with women like me who know and understand what I am feeling. I am glad you all took the time to answer and give me some great advice. I truly thank you for caring. What would I do without you?

    My Mom had always been my source of strength, and she is here with me in spirit. I know what she would say. “Don't be so worried and what's the worst that can happen if you don't get it.” (I am giggling as I write this) She’s right.
    From my heart to yours...A sincere, thank you all.

    - chickadee, Oklahoma

    Gosh, now that I am here, I don't know quite what to say, ha! I have never joined a forum before, so I think I have got forum fright! Just wanted to say what a great web site/forum this is, and what a great bunch of cyber friends you are. I look forward to visiting with you all.
    - Cookie, Massachusetts

    Where else online is there such a caring community? I am so touched by your concern for everyone here. This is why I peek in daily, even if only to quickly skim the forums. Rest assured, when prayers are requested, you have mine, even if I don't respond to the request. Sometimes I have only a minute (or less) to browse. Thank you ladies for such a wonderful place to rest!
    - Yonuh, Arizona
    Real Solutions for Real People in the Real World:

    Time passes.
    Life happens.
    Distance separates.
    Children grow up.
    Jobs come and go.
    Love waxes and wanes.
    Men don't do what they're supposed to do.
    Hearts break.
    Parents die.
    Colleagues forget favors.
    Careers end. BUT.........

    Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you.
    A girl friend is never further away than needing her can reach.
    When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley's end. Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you. Or come in and carry you out.
    Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, Mothers, Grandmothers, aunts, nieces, cousins, and extended family, all bless our life!  The world wouldn't be the same without women, and neither would I.
    When, we began this adventure called womanhood we had no idea of the incredible joys or sorrows that lay ahead.

    Nor did we know how much we would need each other.
    Everyday, we need each other still.
    I can say this is true of all the BWS women! You are the best!

    - Songbird, Massachusetts

    Dotsie Bregel is unstinting in her generosity and professional commitment to providing wisdom, knowledge and support for Boomer women. And, over the two years I've known her, I've also delighted in her humor, optimism, and intelligence. She's a nugget!
    - Judith Sherven, PhD 

    I just want to tell you how powerful I believe your site is. It is changing lives. I know it's changing mine. One thing that attracts us is that it is all about real life for us boomers. It's sometimes informative, sometimes life and death, sometimes all about faith. Then we can go to another thread and have a good belly laugh. Awesome!
    - Daisygirl, Ohio

    Coming Unglued

    I've spent the day and half the night sitting in this chair
    searching for a friend or two...there's always someone there
    Maybe I'm just nosey but I don't think that's the case
    It's just that I am lonely...and this is my safe place.

    I check up on my neighbors who come from far and wide
    to talk about all topics...we've smiled...we've laughed...we've cried
    I grab myself a bite to eat and bring it to the screen
    I swipe the crumbs up in my keep my space here clean.

    What keeps me here...won't let me leave for even just an hour?
    If I'm gone for's when I'm in the shower!
    What is it that I'm feeding on...a loss? A friend? A mood?
    Am I going crazy? Without you would I brood?

    My jammies and my coffee...Gee, who could ask for more?
    But why am I afraid to step, beyond my own front door?
    Because...I am addicted to a friend without a face?
    Who likes me unconditionally, here in my own place

    It's time I get a grip on life and do some other things
    It's time I take the scissors and cut these apron strings
    So if I'm on the missing list..I'm really not being rude
    I'm trying to break this addictive chain...I'm trying to come unglued!
    - chick

    You are all so kind to me. I come here for comfort and healing, laughter and the chance maybe to help someone else with what I have learned along my way.....I have had all this and more. It is an absolute blessing to me. YOU all are an absolute blessing to me. And, remember, I'm not all that religious! (at least in the organized sense) So many of you really are helping me to grieve and to heal. This place has provided me with a opportunity to find myself again, to find what it is I need to be about in this world. And I am SO grateful to be able to tell my stories. To write about my little family , our memories, our Nichole and my Sam - and to have them received so well makes me cry with my very soul exposed. Each time I have written one of these, I have received encouragement from you - and this gives me the strength and the desire to write more. I am a little bit tentative still about beginning such a monumental thing as book, but writing in tiny bits as I have, seems to just be the thing for now. How many ways can I say THANK YOU?
    - Vi

    "I was very lonely and isolated when I stumbled upon Boomer Women Speak. The difference this place has made in my life and self has been immense and life-changing. What an incredibly loving, embracing, healing group of women. This is a safe place where I can come and just be me, whether I'm fragile and in need of insight and healing, or strong and able to help others in their own difficult journey. I am so very grateful to Dotsie and the Boomer Women who have helped to heal me back into my own life."
    - Sharon (Eagle Heart)

    “Posting in the Boomer Women Speak Forums is like writing in an interactive journal—a book that speaks back! I write about anything that’s on my mind and responses from warm, intuitive, wise, and humorous women magically appear. I am thankful that digital technology is being put to such a valuable purpose as strengthening and supporting women.”
    -Julie, Australia

    “I wrap my hands around a steaming cup of hot tea and fire up the computer. Hopelessly addicted, I direct my browser to the Boomer Women Speak Forums, where unseen kindred spirits pour out their hearts to discuss relationships, children, careers, midlife crises, hobbies, faith, travel, and health issues. Having no real sisters of my own, I am so thankful for this haven of boomer sisters who help each other navigate the murky waters of our generation.”
    -Evie, Nipigon, Ontario, Canada

    “The women in the Forums have given so much of themselves to me and others. It is like a drive-thru Heart-Mart, a halfway "life" house for Boomers. One can drive in (drop in), get an answer, solve a problem, cry, laugh, moan, say "shame on you," and just about anything else you can think of and then drive away (log off). It’s like instant healing. Can you tell me any other place you can do that—and do it for free? Thanks to the Boomer Women Speak Forums, any woman that needs a home has one.”
    -Georgia-a.k.a. Queen Jaw Jaw, Alabama

    “I’m grateful for this forum for having a place to ache about my son Robert without upsetting my family. I’m grateful for this forum for giving me the opportunity, for the first time in my life, to experience the wonder of girlfriends. I’m grateful for this forum for giving me the confidence, security, and encouragement to step back out into the world on my own.”
    -Carolyn, Southwest Florida

    “My three reasons about why I’m thankful for the Boomer Forums:
    1. The women here give me invaluable insight and input for whatever is going on in my life and the lives of others. I know other members appreciate this input as well.
    2. It’s a wonderful place to meet women from all over the world who were born in a similar time. Even though we may be from different locations and perhaps different cultures, there is a common thread that binds us together.
    3. Sometimes it’s easier to share things that are close to the quick of our beings with people who are similar, yet remain somewhat faceless in the same way. It’s easier at times to spill your guts to a complete stranger than it is even to your best friend. There appears to be no judgment here. Different views perhaps, but I’ve seen no harsh judgments.”
    -Kate, California

    “I am thankful for the Boomer Women Speak Forums because I feel a sense of camaraderie with women who are, like me, a little further down the path of life and rejoice in that fact. Their aim is to help each other through encouragement, humor, and prayer, although not necessarily in that order. I also look at the Forums as an opportunity to help other women along when their paths are bumpy or too dark for them to see their way. I look forward to many friendships forming and can always count on getting a hearty laugh or two from the posts to brighten my day”
    -Donna J. Shepherd, Ohio

    “Forum is a singular word for a collective group of women that are on call 24 hours a day to allow me to lean a little bit when reality gets a bit overwhelming. The women are supporters, cheerleaders, directors, and in my experience, revealers of a part of myself that had not surfaced. The ability of the Forums to provide all of this so readily is because WE come to the forum when we are ready. At first I thought it was the anonymity of the relationship, and it is in part. But mainly we can ask the question when we are ready, not bound by the time frame of an in-person visit. We can interact at the time it is most needed and we can help others at the time we are best able to do so. That is what I think is the beauty and the success of the Forums. It is not just the human interaction, but the timing for each human is personal to them. For all of this I am grateful. I have received hugs from the Forum at times when I needed it the most and from a place that is so honest. I have been told I am good at something for no other reason than someone thought so. Just a comment can ignite a spark. I have gravitated to this forum collectively as a good friend, and I have been rewarded more than I could ever repay.”
    -Lynn, Maryland

    “I am thankful for the Forums because they provide a ‘safety net’ of wonderful women who are there for you 24/7. We don’t really ‘know’ each other in our daily lives, but yet we are there for each other for any and all news, questions, problems, condolences, recipes, and all the other sturm and dreg in our little boomer lives. I appreciate having you all to turn to in anonymity, never fearing that anyone in my ‘real world’ will find out anything unless I tell them myself. Long live Boomer Women Speak!”
    -Micki, Baltimore, Maryland

    “Boomer Women Speak
    Gee, I was just surfin in the middle of the night
    And all of a sudden I lucked upon this site
    So I stuck around
    And got to know some of you
    I read the posts and sent a few
    Mostly I like it for the fun
    Knowing what boomers are doing
    And what boomers have done
    And those silly posts from the queen
    Help make the site a happening scene
    Thanks for the site.”

    “Thanks to Dotsie for the Boomer Women Speak Forums. I am grateful because I can chat with women all over the world who grew up in the same era. I am thankful for the whole neighborhood of new friends. I am also blessed that we can encourage, help, and pray for one another.”
    -Maggie, Oregon

    What I know with heartfelt certainty is that I "found" this place when I was miserably lost, alone and very frightened of the dark place I was heading into. None of that is true anymore. I'm a changed person who has found/is continuing to find, creative ways to live my life "abundantly" because of the support and love and life-changing sisterhood I've found here. I'm 100% sure that my stumbling onto this site was no mistake and am equally sure that anyone else's presence here is just as "meant to be".
    - Eagle Heart,

    I wrote a poem as a teen that was something about no one taking the time to stop and listen. It ended with the line "I'll stop by you, please stop by me." It shows how lonely I was. What I get here is that: you all take the time to stop and listen. Love and Light, Lynn

    I do believe we were all meant to meet here. And I'm so glad that I'm here.

    Eagle Heart ... I felt the same way that first time I discovered this forum. I was in a very bad place and everyone reached out to me even though I was a stranger.

    I've been blessed.
    - Writegirl

    Comfort, comraderie, respect, interest, learning, teaching, loving and even forgiveness. These are the words that most describe this site and what goes on here to me. I have experienced them all over and over again. A day does not go by that my thoughts are not with you and my desire is to speak to you all. I do not feel lonely anymore, alone maybe but never lonely...
    - Chatty lady


    This site shares my coffee with me in the morning and waits for me on the couch all day. It keeps me company when I write and helps me solve problems.

    Just as I love seeing my children share and play together, God must love watching us help and enjoy each other. We are using technology for our joy and His glory.

    This is a good place. Thank you Dotsie for listening to God's voice.
    - smilinize

    BWS has served me as a writer. Finding a group of women pursuing similar goals and activities has been quite beneficial to me. Your Featured Author fourm is where I found the most benefit. Author Carolyn Howard Johnson willingly shared her positive experiences with her publisher. I am happy to announce that I’ve signed a contract with Star.
    - Allyn Evans,

    I appreciate that the women on this forum have allowed other women a peek into their lives. What we learn from each other is that we have more in common than not. When we share with each other, we help each other, and like a spiral, the help reaches out to others, even on invisible loops. We may have laughed a little, and carried that joy into the world for others to learn they are not alone. So the many ways that this site helps is infinite, because healing through sharing has infinite possibilities. I had no idea there were so many like-minded women in the world! My only regret is that I didn’t come upon boomer chics sooner.
    - Love and light, lynn

    Recently I was faced with the fourth time in my life to possibly have cancer invading my body. I posted a prayer request and was overwhelmed with love, support, and prayers from my “sisters of the heart” on the Forum. What a gift. God must have led me to BWS. It has opened my eyes, my heart, and mind to the endless possibilities of living life to the fullest in my middle age. When many women have reached an age of “slowing down”, I find I have turned up the heat on my own life. I’m more inspired than ever. Part of that is due to finding my own voice in my writing, but it’s also due to the warm circle of friends I’ve found at BWS. There’s no doubt about it!
    - Pam Kimmell

    I was able to begin the healing process over the loss of my beautiful aunt by reaching out to the women on this site. I’ve kept my grief confined in my mind and heart but finally reached out and asked for support. I can’t believe the love that came from this site. I would read the messages and the tears that I refused to release would run down my face in appreciation. I took their responses seriously and slowly started trying to do as they suggested, first putting a picture of my aunt by my monitor to glance at. I can feel her love radiating from the frame.
    - Dianne

    When I started posting about my sister, I had no idea I would get this kind of support, these kinds of responses. For me, I'm just sharing my journey. It helps me. And I had hoped that maybe it might help someone else too. I had no idea, no idea of the beauty that would come of it through the eyes and hearts of all you blessed women. The cool thing is, that I'm sure we are all from a variety of beliefs systems - yet we are sisters of the heart - sharing each others pain and blessings. In my opinion, this is what it's all about, giving love to each other - even though we've never met. If we think of extending this worldwide, we can imagine how amazing the results could be. That is one of my goals, really, to love - worldwide - everyone, no matter who or what they are. Wonderful goal, not easy to accomplish. But then, we aren't alone. We have each other. We are a circle of love and it is expanding. Wonderful, isn't it?
    - Vi

    Before visiting Boomer Women Speak I was skeptical about joining a forum. I had spent years teaching my children about the dangers of speaking to strangers online. I couldn’t imagine myself sharing my thoughts, hopes, and dreams with a bunch of faceless women whom I knew nothing about. But I was curious so I stopped by to take a peek.

    I was amazed as I began reading the posts. I expected Rod Sterling to pop up and say, “Welcome to the Twilight Zone.” I mean, I could have written a lot of them myself.

    I joined and was welcomed immediately into the fold by a group of wonderful women who have since become some of my most respected friends. At Boomer Women Speak I have found encouragement, support, comfort, humor, courage, information, myself, similar minds, opposing views, interesting topics, recipes, famous authors, reading suggestions, freelance leads, handmade jewelry, critique help, movie reviews, questions, answers (no matter how private) Christmas gifts, poetry, weight management, professionals from all walks of life, blogs, business opportunities, contests, camaraderie, and women so radiant that their beauty and strength shines so brightly form the inside that you can literally see it beaming in their written words.

    Thank you, Dotsie Bregel for creating Boomer Women Speak. I don’t know how I ever lived without it.
    - TVC15

    The Surgeon General’s office has posted a warning that Boomer Women Speak Forums can be highly addictive and dangerous to your health. The following is a partial list of BWS ADDICTION symptoms:
    1. You eat breakfast at the computer checking the BWS forums and you don’t notice your children left for school.
    2. You begin calling your children the names of forum members.
    3. You are frequently late for work because you just had to check the BWS Forums one more time.
    4. You are losing sleep because the last thing you do before turning is read and post in the BWS forums one more time.
    5. When booking vacations, you don’t care if the hotel has a pool, sauna, balcony, food looking security guards, etc. All you need to know is if they have 24 hour internet access so you can stay in touch with your boomer friends while on vacation.
    6. At the office you frequently mention something you “heard on BWS: and your co-workers want to know what channel you’re watching.
    7. Your family rolls their eyes every time you begin to talk about “my friend at BWS”.
    8. You break into a cold sweat if the BWS forums go down for any length of time.
    9. Some of your friends think BWS is a disease like “IBS” or “PMS” and they are sending you get well cards.
    10. You frequently burn supper because you just had to check BWS one more time to see if anyone responded to your last post.
    If you exhibit any of the above symptoms you already have a BWS ADDICTION. There is no cure and currently no 12-step program to help you recover.
    - Eveline Maedal

    I've always been overweight. But in the last few years, the weight crept up higher and higher, with nothing stopping it. I tried shakes, powders, power bars and more, but nothing seems to break the barrier. Then, along came BWS and a little forum for dieters. Little did I know I'd just found the secret to my weight loss. Accountability. We wrote our food intake every day, careful to watch what we ate as we knew we'd be reporting it soon to the others on the forum. Little by little, my intake decreased and my feeling about my body increased.

    Month after month went by. I noted little changes here and there. Losing a pound here, a few pounds there. the weight came off almost consistently.

    Three months turned into six months and six months turned into eight then nine. Before I knew it I had lost 50 pounds. My success was a success for Dotsie and her BWS forum. Without the support of the other women on the diet forum, I wouldn't have had the courage to stick it out. Thank you BWS, thank you Dotsie. For giving me a life back that I thought I'd lost forever.

    I love the forum because women of the boomer years are wise, funny and open to sharing their ideas and experiences. It is amazing to read about so many strong and creative women and interact with them daily. Boomer Women do Speak...with gusto.
    - Deborah Uetz


    This place brings out the best in me. The women here seem to know me better than my family. There is a camaraderie that comes from just being a woman and we can laugh, cry, pray , help, and heal. I know these women appreciate me, not for what I do for them, but just for my heart. It is easy being me on this forum and I wouldn't change a thing about it.
    - Jackie


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