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    This Boomer Books page will always be a work in progress as we continue to add information weekly. Please click on a topic below to view recommended books in that category. To submit a link, please click here.

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    The Wager: A Humorous Novel about Dog Parks, Seniors and Gambling for Love Later in Life.
    by Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D.
    Six senior ladies in a dog walking club make a $60,000 bet to be awarded to the charity of their choice to see who lands a new boyfriend by Christmas. Life doesn't end at 65.
    Bitsy and the Mystery at Amelia Island
    by Vonda Skinner Skelton
    Twelve-year-old Bitsy and her friends must join forces with the neighborhood bully as they discover the dark secrets of an abandoned house and a mysterious family portrait.
    Not Without Anna - Fiction
    by Vicki M. Taylor
    Drugs. Alcohol. Murder. Suicide. Not in our town. Not our child. A teenager dies under questionable circumstances, rocking the lives of residents in a small Florida town. Another teen, held responsible for the death, commits suicide. Not Without Anna shows the town, and the residents as they cope with the tragic deaths and become a closer, more involved community that truly cares enough about its children and their future to take control and fight back.
    The China Conspiracy
    by P. M. Terrell
    Kit Olsen has fallen into a routine as a 17-year veteran programmer/ analyst for the CIA, wife to an increasingly absent husband, and mother to 16-year-old Tim. Then two of her fellow programmers are abducted and murdered, her son is kidnapped, and the ransom, a program written in Mandarin that was covertly intercepted by the CIA, plunges her into a dark underworld filled with crosses and double-crosses, leading to a political bonfire that she never could have imagined--and only she can stop.
    by P. M. Terrell
    By the time Sheila Carpenter graduated from Vanderbilt University, she'd already established a reputation as a computer whiz kid, so it was no surprise when she was hired by one of the most prestigious computer-consulting firms in the country. But soon Sheila's dream job spirals out of control when she's instructed to write a program designed to cover up illegal activities; now, with three people dead and her own life hanging in the balance, she's in a race to gather evidence so devastating it could bring down an entire industry.
    My Favorite Midlife Crisis (yet)
    by Toby Devens
    The story of narrator Gwyneth Berke, M.D., a gynecological surgeon, and her two friends, large and luscious businesswoman Fleur and counter-culture fiber artist Kat, bright, accomplished, witty fifty-four year old women. Follow them as they deal with difficult adult children, aging, ailing parents, menopause, men, the dating puddle (single men that age have a dating pool, we're reduced to a puddle), thunderbolt love at fifty-four, medical mayhem, scientific fraud and a delicious, sizzling revenge plot.
    Mrs. Lieutenant: A Sharon Gold Novel
    by Phyllis Zimbler Miller
    In the spring of 1970 – right after the Kent State National Guard shootings and President Nixon's two-month incursion into Cambodia – four newly married young women come together at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, when their husbands go on active duty as officers in the U.S. Army. Different as these four women are, they have one thing in common: Their overwhelming fear that, right after these nine weeks of training, their husbands could be shipped out to Vietnam – and they could become war widows.
    Rebekah Redeemed
    by Dianne G Sagan
    A Christian fiction novella, it is a story of Rebekah the orphan of a shepherd who is treated as a servant in her relatives homes. Suffering abuse and neglect, she needs a kinsman redeemer. Can she break the chains of her past and forgive those who treated her so badly? Who is this Nazarene? Can she change her life?
    One Smooth Stone
    by Marcia Laycock
    Marcia is an award-winning writer who won the Best New Canadian Author Award for her novel, One Smooth Stone. Her work has been endorsed by notable Christian writers, Janette Oke, Phil Callaway and Mark Buchanan.
    One Smooth Stone - Alex Donnelly is running from his past, from the police and from God. But he discovers that no matter how far you run, God will find you; no matter what you have done, God will forgive you.

    by Patt Fero
    On one of those ordinary rat race days, Baby Booomer aged best friends Leslie and Liz run away from home in a motor home. This has been a lifetime dream of theirs as they seek to get out of "Dodge", out of the rut, and search for new meaning in their lives. Their rollicking motor home adventure is full of laughter, excitement, some tears, road challenges, a new lifestyle learning curve, and new road friends and how they impact their lives. So, exactly what do they discover as they ride out into the sunset? When or will they go home? And will their husbands ever understand?
    Chancey Double-Back
    by Pam Ingebritson
    A classic but distinctively twisty saga of the power of loyal friendships, blood ties, humility, and forgiveness. Two families of different classes, whose lives have been deceptively intertwined, are suddenly confronted with the long-buried sins that scattered them years ago, and steered them onto rugged life paths.

    Chancey village in Lincoln County New Mexico, nearby to the rich and respectable resort/gambling town of Ruidoso, is a peaceful place in the 21st century. The unexplained murder of the troubled Sullivan family's evil patriarch exposes a long-hidden, complex entanglement involving his daughters, Gina and Melanie, and their wealthy cattle-ranching neighbors, Eric and Bridget Nielsen. While investigating the puzzling murder that seems a throwback to 19th century New Mexico, Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff Robbie Amante Jenkins launches a risky plan to reunite the estranged Sullivan sisters and bring Gina back together with Samantha, the daughter she left behind.
    Hearts Flight
    by Barbara Goodwin
    Barbara Goodwin writes sexy romantic adventures for the boomers. She feels that boomers deserve romance that they can relate to and loves to write for them. Hearts Flight is a WWII time travel romance mystery that deals with the Nazi's of the past and the neo-Nazi's of the present
    Sand Castles
    by Nancy Gotter Gates
    When her husband retires, Ginny McAllister finds herself living in a condo her husband bought when she was laid up with a broken knee, discovers her husband was unfaithful years before, and their son and wife decide not to have children. While hubby happily plays golf and fishes, Ginny struggles with her life. Nicholas, a member of her poetry group, increasingly plays a role in her life and stuns her by asking her to leave Leland and marry him.
    Say Nothing
    by Carol Bergman
    From journalist and essayist Carol Bergman comes an unconventional murder mystery, “Say Nothing,” set in upstate New York. Private Investigator Margaret Singer and New York State Police Senior Investigator Charlie Griffith team up to solve the disappearance of a decorated Iraq veteran, David Rizzo. Not far into the investigation, the baby boomer detectives realize that the young man's disappearance is only one of several related crimes committed in their jurisdiction and that the FBI has taken a controlling interest in the case and invoked the Patriot Act. When David's girlfriend and a young Afghan girl are found murdered, the case becomes even more complex and challenging. At each turn in the investigation, the sense of danger intensifies. Is the government protecting a killer? Will David be found dead or alive?


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