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    http://www.hippiedictionary.comThe Hippie Dictionary contains 700 pages with over6,000 entries about the politics, sex, drugs, rock & roll and granola of the hippie era. It is a history book, slang dictionary and encyclopedia defining and describing the words, events, movements, people and craziness of the 1960s and 1970s.
    http://www.thegreatbustahead.comThis site deals with the unavoidable catastrophic depression (caused by boomers) that is now just a few years away, as described in the book The Great Bust Ahead.
    http://www.innercorecoaching.comVanish Hunger - Feed Your Soul, control your weight and your life by connecting with your inner wisdom, strength and voice. Lose weight and keep it off by reclaiming your power.
    http://www.boomerstv.comNew PBS series for Boomers premiering January 2006
    http://www.bbhq.comBaby Boomer Headquarters is a fun site that will take you back in time. Baby Boomer News does provide free advice, help, entertainment, information and fun for individuals born 1946 to 1964.
    http://www.womensfunnyvideos.comFunny Videos, Funny Pictures, Clean Funny Jokes - Women's Funny Pages - A clean fun site designed for a woman's sense of humor
    http://www.hippiemuseum.orgThe Hippie Museum is an online museum dedicated to understanding and extending key elements of the hippie movement that began in the 1960s. You have to visit to stir memories.
    Established in 1991, Coming of Age, Incorporated provides clients expertise on marketing, advertising and sales to Boomer+ customers(born before 1965). Services include marketing strategy development, full service advertising agency services, Internet development and marketing services, public & media relations services, sales & service improvement training & turnkey Customer Loyalty/Affinity Clubs.
    http://www.michaelmcgan.comThe humor of life, especially mid-life.
    http://www.worldtalkradio.comA positive upbeat radio show empowering women and families to star in their own lives. Information and discussions on women's issues, parenting, relationship, beauty, design, gardening, business, success, motivation, inspiration, and more. Fantastic guest experts and authors-a must for every boomer woman. Call-in toll free and join our fun888-514-2100
    http://www.growyourselfhelp.comTools, resources, information and inspiration for continuing personal development.
    http://www.55plusrelocators.comHave you wondered how to maximize your retirement dollars when home prices, property taxes, health insurance and everything seem to be going up? We have found a great place to do that and not have to change your LIFESTYLE or basic expectations!! Come and see!
    http://www.matzkinstudio.comThree series of paintings about women and aging; "Women of Age - Portraits in Wisdom, Beauty and Strength," and "Naked Truth," and "Aunt Kitty - age 89 to 97".
    http://www.Meria.netNews and Interviews by baby boomer woman who remembers what the good old days were like. Straight talk for intelligent women.
    http://www.LetLifeIn.comLet Life In is an exciting new 50+ online magazine/web community and social network. It's philosophy is simple: There is more to life, so explore what is out there, express how you feel, and in the process, enrich your life. your animals become healthy, stay healthy, and live longer. Programs, systems, and links so YOU can really help your animals.
    http://www.seniorsapprove.comCoalition for Senior Safety shows you or your community ways to improve quality of life for seniors. If we don't do it who will? Learn from someone who already walked the walk, E-Book with step by step guidelines to succeed, prosper and make money if you desire. By helping other you help yourself.
    http://www.troubledteensinfo.comParenting - Dedicated to providing parents with only the best articles and advice on dealing with their teenagers. online community for boomers and retirees. We have articles on grandparenting, finance, retirement communities, health, senior sports, current news, entertainment and more.
    http://www.boominback.comWebsite for Baby Boomers with an emphasis on things from our childhood and past that are "new" again, recapturing fun things from our past and sharing them with newer generations.
    http://www.workingsenior.comThe National Association of Working Seniors (NAWS) is dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of working people age 50 and older. Through information and education, advocacy and service, we seek to enhance the quality of life for all by promoting independence, dignity and purpose
    http://www.asifmagazine.comAs If... you could live the balanced, beautiful, inspired and fully actualized life you want right in the middle of the busy, hectic, REAL life you have. As if ... people from all over the world sharing insights and experiences, ideas and inspiration. As if... an online site for sharing your life with other like-minded women and men.
    http://www.senior2senior.orgA resource site for baby boomers, senior citizens, senior caregivers and anyone closer to their golden years than their 40-something years. We offer a free caregiver manual and newsletter to every visitor in addition to the on site resources. is a secure, online service designed to assist divorced parents sharing custody of their children.
    http://boomersint.orgIn 1996 Jeri Maier founded and has 6500+ members and 2500 on her newsletter list. The website has two very active groups on Yahoo and one on MSN. has a variety of articles, interviews and other resources for baby boomers. site was created and inspired to reach all women from all walks of life. To motivate and encourage boomers and seniors to move the body and mind.
    Online community for baby boomers, polls, information, humor, opinions, news, interactions and more! - Golf Dating for Golf Singles!
    Formed to empower and inspire "dumped, divorced, dynamic divas through the five stages of "EX", to reshape lives after the breakup of a relationship. Whether in EXile, EXpressing anger, EXorcising old demons, EXploring new options or EXhaling in a newlife, we provide solo women of all ages a way to create a new authentic and fulfilling lifestyle.
    http://www.wrightminded.comLiving our dreams, not our fears. Overcoming imagined obstacles and trusting our divine wisdom and passions.
    Italian American Gifts, Books, Music, Apparel, Dolce, Novelties
    Humor columnist and author Diana Estill shares her quirky observations about everything from dieting to DNA tests.
    Easy-to-use lifestyles search program featuring 'all age' and 'age qualified' living for persons 50 and older. Choose from active adult retirement communities featuring golf, tennis and waterfron properties. Also manufactured home communities, condos, villas, apartments and senior continuing care and life care communities including assisted living.
    50+Digital is a multimedia publishing company dedicated to serving the information needs of the Baby Boom generation as it enters a time of lifestage transition. The company's blog tracks trends in the 50+ market.
    Fleishman-Hillard is the first global PR firm to offer a U.S.-based practice group that is exclusively dedicated to helping companies build powerful relationships with the men and women of the baby boomer generation.

    Empowering Boomer Women with MSA motivational website for people who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or any other chronic health condition. As the founder and owner of Lovin' Life and a Certified Life Coach, Maria Lesetz's mission is to inspire & empower women to reach for their full potential in every aspect of life, despite the diagnosis of MS (or any other health challenge)!
    For Doctors who are Sick and Tired ... literally!This website offers Life Coaching and other Motivational Services for Doctors (and Nurses!) who are looking to AVOID BURNOUT, reduce stress and feel invincible again. Maria Lesetz is a Certified Life Coach for Doctors and a nationally recognized Motivational Speaker within the MS community.
    Boomer Babes Rock!Where fun, fashion, food, family and faith merge to empower and inspire boomer women all around the world.
    Branching Out Life Coaching's founder, Elizabeth Cassidy, supports and motivates Baby Boomer Women as they tap into their courage and change careers or open a business by using their creativity. It's a safe haven where you and your dreams are always respected and honored.
    Second Half CoachingThis site describes the coaching services and workshops offered by Second Half Coaching. Site is updated frequently as new groups and workshops and coaching packages are offered. In the near future, the site will give visitors an opportunity to share stories to be included in her book, "Twenty-Something", which will give both parent and young adult perspectives on being in the 20's in today's society.
    These are your best years. Toronto's resource for women 40+. It's like swapping stories and secrets over a glass of wine with girlfriends. You never know what you might find out.
    Let's Get OrganizedLet's Get Organized is the Professional Organizing and Relocation Management service for individuals in Northern New Jersey. Specializing in organizing and managing interstate moves, home renovations, and helping seniors downsize, we remove the stress and headaches of major life transitions.
    A place to save, share and discover your favorite babyboomer content in an organized and highly flexible way.
    The Online Entrepreneur Magazine - published to give online entrepreneurs useful information to develop and/or improve their skills on the Internet.
    Boomer Business LauncherBoomer women who want to start or grow a business at mid-life will find programs, teleclasses, free resources and community at this website for clarity, focus, successful methods and momentum. Create meaning & money with a business of your own!
    zoglio.comBooks, articles, and free daily inspiration for making the best of the rest of your life!
    sherriemathieson.comThis site familiarizes baby boomers with my style consulting, my seminars, my blog, newspaper/magazine, TV and radio interviews,my unique background and qualifications,and "Forever Cool" my style book focusing solely on boomers (both sexes), and a new book for Random House due early next year('09).
    The companion web site for the book, "Learning Later, Living Greater: The Secret for Making the Most of Your After-50 Years," and an information site about the benefits and value of lifelong learning for older adults.
    Luxury Cruise Vacations WorldwideWe offer Premier luxury cruise lines and Exclusive luxury cruises preferred by most successful people. These luxury ships offer you the ultimate in luxury, with 6-Star food and service where excellence is a tradition.
    Original Healing ThreadsOriginal Healing Threads provides personal patient apparel, that keep your privacy and dignity during medical treatments. The garments are soft, functional and stylish. Recommended to wear dor recovery, radiation treatments, nursing moms, heart or lung surgery and the list continues.
    BoomerScape is the leading online resource for adventurous Boomers to plan their retirement lifestyles and find real estate in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    Kathi Casey, The Healthy Boomer Body ExpertKathi Casey, The Healthy Boomer Body Expert knows our bodies! She is determined to make sure that all Boomer Women have less invasive options than our parents who've had hip and knee replacements, suffer from Osteoporosis or Osteoarthritis, take medication for high blood pressure, etc. Her programs combine the tried and true Eastern traditions of Yoga, Acupressure, and Qui Qong with Western strength training, Somatics and Pilates for the perfect wellness solution for each of us.
    Your Support NurseFamily Caregiving Solutions with a Nurse Care Manager. There is a bulk of information out there, but it is time consuming and confusing to sift through. An experienced care manager can help you by coming up with an action plan to suit your specific family caregiving needs, and help you follow through with that plan.
    Women's Intimate SolutionsRecommended by doctors and midwives, our soothing organic certified herbals and personal products ease the effects of hormonal changes and help you feel better. The best deal is to buy a kit that comes with a pouch, the personal product of your choice (price varies) and three wonderful helpful herbal solutions for vaginal dryness.
    Boomer Yearbook - Baby Boomer CommunityA psychological based informational (hundreds of original topical articles per month) social network for baby boomers and their echo boomer children.
    Midlife Journey - Feel the Beat!Ideas, opinions and resources for the boomer generation. Written by boomers for boomers who have something to say about this journey we call living!
    HealthyBoomerBody.comKathi Casey is known as the Healthy Boomer Body Expert because she herself has been through the morning stiffness, hormone imbalances, sciatic pain, & weight gain and has found easy ways to "Age Well" Kathi is in better shape at 57 than she was at age 20 and you can be too! Ask Kathi to give a seminar in your town!"Losing Our Parents" is an Internet based community offering support and education to people coping with the declining health or death of a parent.
    Boomers ForeverReaching more boomers than anyone else.” We are the number one web portal specifically targeting that growing baby boomer generation. provides customers with articles on health, finance, lifestyles, restaurants, travel, technology, B2B and more. We also offer our business clientele affordable advertising that out performs our competition with total satisfaction and guaranteed delivery results.

    Since 2005, Silver Cafe has provided professional insurance and mortgage services, an online shopping mall, plus informational resources to the Silver Generation, Baby Boomers, Mature Adults and our respected Senior Citizens.
    A place to convey my mission - encouraging women to find their dreams by living and giving with passion. We donate a portion of the books sales to women's cancer research.
    Knowledge [ba˛se]™ is a custom search engine that offers users a custom-tailored "boomer search experience." Built using Google's core search engine technology, Knowledge [ba˛se]™ prioritizes search results based on blogs, websites and pages that are relevant to the baby boomer generation.
    Healthy Boomer BodiesThis website offers the advice and products developed by Kathi Casey, fitness and wellness coach and motivational speaker.
    Gluten Free HelpImprove your health and increase your knowledge simply at this Gluten Free Help blog founded by author and researcher Tina Turbin, inspired by her interest in the areas of helping others improve their quality of life and health. Visit this site for many free tips, recipes and incredible resources.
    Equity Release. Age Partnership is the UK's leading over-the-phone advisor in equity release and the only specialist to provide equity release advice for a leading charity for the elderly. It is our job to help you to understand whether equity release is your best option.
    Boomer Yearbook is a Psychological-Informational Social Network Website for Baby Boomers and Baby Boomer Generation! Create Boomer Yearbook Profile, Connect with old and new Baby Boomers, or expand your mind and ward off senior moments and elderly problems with dream analysis and online optical illusions and brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner.
    Active Seniors in TransitionActive Seniors in Transition has been designed for the “sandwich generation” - those with children, and also have, or will have, aging parents facing many of the transition issues, challenges and joys that come with increased longevity. Issues like driving, dealing with the loss of a spouse, deciding whether or not to relocate where the grand kids are, and many more key issues facing our aging population.

    High-quality information, tools, resources, chat, and guidance to help you manage your role as the "sandwich" provider both as a parent and care taker for your parent or elders. Tmely, cutting edge, entertaining and useful content focused on one goal: helping you help your parents age gracefully while getting the most out of life.
    Boomer LifestyleBoomer Lifestyle is a blog for baby boomer women, written by NABBW's own "Boomer in Chief" Anne Holmes.

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