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    Welcome to Boomer Women Speak! We are the fastest growing site for baby boomer women on the Web. We are the place for baby boomer women to encourage, connect, and support one another online.

    Have you ever been with a group of women when someone shared something intimate? It never fails that when we take a chance at disclosing an intimacy someone else in the group says, "I am so glad you said that. I thought I was the only one who felt that way!" Everyone present senses feelings of connectedness, acceptance, and solidarity that are special. Well, that is what Boomer Women Speak is all about. We want women across the world to realize that we are not alone in our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

    If you are new to the site, we are delighted that you have found us, and encourage you to not only read the posts, but join us and add your own thoughts to the discussions you find here.

    Not sure what you can and can't talk about here? That's easy. You can discuss anything that is on your mind. We only have two major rules, which we require that everyone follow.

    They are:

    1. Be thoughtful in your response to the posts others have made. Use the Golden Rule and you can't go wrong. If a problem ever arises, please email me at or send me a PM (private message) via the forum, and let us know of the problem. We will take the action that we feel is in the best interest of the ALL members.

    2. NO ADVERTISING or PROMOTION in the forums unless you are a Gold Level (paying) member of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women NABBW and have a forum track record of strong participation and providing good, non-commercial content.

      If you attempt to advertise via the content of your posts and you are not a member, we will contact you privately and ask you to remove the promotional content. Should there be a second offense, we will simply delete your post without notice.

      If you want to buy an advertisement on the Boomer Women Speak homepage, you may do so. Just email me at and tell me what you want to promote. I or my sales staff will reply, discussing our options and providing you with our rates.

    Should you need our assistance, just send me an email or a PM. I or my staff will be happy to help you.

    So now that you know what we're about and the rules we operate by, please browse the various discussions, sit back, relax, enjoy. As a fellow Boomer woman, we hope you'll fall in love with us, sign up as a member of the Forum, visit every day and be generous in sharing your thoughts and opinions with the group. Because there's always something new happening at Boomer Women Speak.

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