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    BWS Stories - "If I Could Save Time In A Bottle"...Embracing Our Authentic Selves

    "If I Could Save Time In A Bottle"...Embracing Our Authentic Selves - A Father's Day Dedication to My Dad (Mr. Nguyen Van Tho)

    I am an enthusiastic student of life, committed to my personal development and growth. As a Success Coach I love working with people and encouraging their personal and professional development, as well. 

    I am a Viet Namese refugee (I was one of the Boat People). From my experiences escaping repression in Viet Nam and starting over in this country I share the lessons of hope and wisdom learned through an arduous journey. When I left Viet Nam I had to leave my father. It was very hard because he had taken such extraordinary care of me after my mother died. One of his most precious gifts to me was his philosophy, simple sayings and admonitions that gave me a solid basis from which to face a life that was vastly different than I had expected it to be.

    I have been my father’s avid pupil. My ultimate goal, now, is to share his philosophy with the world. This philosophy is not new or revolutionary. But it is powerful because of where it came from--experience and profound respect for all life, full of love and good intentions.

    I am an inspirational speaker, a certified Life Coach/Business Coach I share my father's philosophy and my experiences in living it, as well as the journey of my life.

    A Father's Day Dedication to My Dad (Mr. Nguyen Van Tho)

    “Do everything to the best of you ability, make an effort, bring energy and exude enthusiasm to all the things you do; live life to the fullest and make it significant. It comes down to: if you didn’t get up tomorrow morning, who would miss you? What have you contributed in your life? What will you be remembered for?”  Nguyen Van Tho

    Father’s Day is coming up, and even more than usual, I’m thinking about my dad, Mr. Nguyen Van Tho. He’s living in Viet Nam, and I haven’t seen him in 5 years, far too long. I’ll go see him in November and my heart is bursting with anticipation.

    I decided long ago that in my life I would do nothing that did not reflect positively on my father’s life. My father didn’t tell me how to live. He just lived and let me watch. His actions spoke volumes, and his words held weight because they were backed by his actions.

    My journey has been a long, tough and often rough road. Coming from Viet Nam to this new country was a gift but also presented many difficulties. When I was here, despite the obstacles, I was determined to enjoy my freedom, to pursue a good quality of life for my family, and to honor both my old and new cultures. However, working so hard for my family, many times I felt that I had no more energy to keep going. Those were the times when I would remember what my father had told me.

    His words were a gift I had not realized were with me. When I got discouraged, I looked inside myself for something to keep me going. I heard my father’s voice in my head: “Keep living your life until you draw your last breath.” It was as if he had encoded his voice onto a computer chip and embedded it in my brain’s memory bank.

    All the times during my childhood that he had repeated over and over his philosophical sayings had had a miraculous power to keep me going. When I was at my lowest points, I remembered what he said and found the love and strength to continue.

    I missed my father so much when I was in this country and wanted him still to be able to care for me. But though he wasn’t here with me, he gave me the gift of his philosophy, and to this day it continues to carry me forward.

    These sayings became the foundation I have used to propel myself forward and achieve my dreams. They are priceless gifts I appreciate and will treasure for the rest of my life. In fact I have used these gifts to guide and teach my children.

    In remembering what my father said and putting his philosophy into practice I discovered what his words meant and how they apply to my life in the present. By sharing my father’s philosophy, I honor him and what he sacrificed for me, and I ensure that his wisdom lives on in those who carry it forward. I believe this is a timeless, universal philosophy of use to everyone that I will be sharing with you in the months to come.

    On this Father’s Day, I want to express my profound gratitude to my dad, for he is love personified. Dad, you are the brightest star shining in the galaxy, taking me upward as I follow you. You are my compass in life! Your wisdom enlightens and inspires me. I have found over the years that your thoughts and dreams have inspired and enriched all the people’s lives you have touched.

    I am honored to be your daughter.

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