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    Barbara Hollace is a freelance writer, speaker, and trainer. In her youth, she started writing poetry and greeting cards. In mid-life, her repertoire has expanded to both fiction and non-fiction projects. Recent publications including her work are “Faith, Hope and Healing,” by Dr. Bernie Siegel, and “A Cup of Comfort for Military Families.”Writing is her passion; the greater the challenge, the greater the joy. She is currently working on her four book novel series.

    Elegance in Action - RUNNER UP

    Elegance: the word itself elicits the image of something special. It is a style that turns heads as a woman captures your attention. Picture a woman wearing a tiara, not born of royal blood, but of royal birth. She is unique, a treasure to behold.

    Elegance can be dressed up with extravagant purchases but is just as easily recognized in classic simplicity. An elegant woman is not defined by the years she has lived, but by the river of tears traversed and life’s mountains conquered, which accentuate her beauty.

    Elegance does not materialize in a single moment. Just like a diamond in the rough, a glimmer of brilliance shines through my tarnished exterior. Life softens my sharp edges, and like a lighthouse, my story emits hope for the weary traveler.

    As my 50th birthday approaches, I enter a new Age of Elegance tempered with wisdom producing a deeper and longer lasting beauty.

    The need to impress or live a life, other than the one God ordained for me, is no longer my desire. With great assurance, I live this dream-filled pursuit of excellence.

    Freedom at fifty is the freedom to pursue passion and purity. To let my inner beauty shine through this age worn body that desires good health over professed beauty product miracles.

    I’ve traded the rat race for the human race. My heart’s desire is to leave my mark on this world, not as a fashion model, but as a mentor and friend to the next generation.

    My story includes bumps and bruises, tears and fears, triumphs and testimonies. I am a woman. I am a survivor.

    Let me show you what I have learned that you need not walk alone in the desert or get lost in the wilderness, for my words of encouragement will be with you.

    The mirror of my soul illuminates truth and reflects the depth of my desire. Coming out on top is no longer a necessity. Finishing the race with my best effort is worth the journey.

    Like a vortex, my world expands and contracts simultaneously. I dare to do greater things and take the risks that I feared in my youth. I no longer am afraid to attempt crossing the swelling river, for on the other side lies my destiny.

    As I reach for my dreams and pursue my passion, I connect with women all over the world and we join hands, like points of light, forming a pattern that spells L-I-F-E.

    Stepping into the foyer of this new Age of Elegance, I forge onward to the throne of glory. Donning my unique mantle of success, I embrace the destiny that’s been waiting for me since birth.

    Join me in the upper room where elegance reigns and accomplishments are celebrated by all.

                Finally, I have arrived.

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