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    Contest Winners - Some Truths Are Never Pure And Rarely Simple
    - September Winner!

    Donna J. Hall derives great appreciation and enjoyment out of the moments of every day life, as well as working to gain understanding of the darker side of humanity. Her personal challenge is the hope of finding her lost voice and sharing it with others.

    Some Truths Are Never Pure And Rarely Simple
    - September Winner!

    I was looking forward to attending a pool party on a sweltering summer evening along with my dear friend Cindy and her boyfriend Ray. I was to meet them both, then follow them to the party. Ray was shirtless when he greeted me at the door. “Hey, I was just finishing up, come on in,” he said as he held the door wide open for me. “Cindy went on ahead of us. She wanted to get there early to help.” Although I was surprised that Cindy was not there as planned, I stepped through the door and out of the heat. No sooner that Ray closed the door, he began to look me up and down with a lusty look in his eyes, boldly placing his hands on my hips drawing me close to him, stating he thought I had a very sexy body and that we should “take advantage of this opportunity to play around.” 

    My initial reaction was disbelief that he could be making such a tasteless joke, even though it was well known that Ray could not handle his alcohol, often saying inappropriate comments when inebriated. With a tense chuckle I shoved him away telling him he was foolish. “I am serious, I have always wanted you,” he slurred as he moved towards the DVD player and attempted to put in porn CD. He came to his senses when he saw the look of disgust turn to fear on my face as I bolted for the door.

    Immediately, he followed me out apologizing, which then turned to pleading; begging me to not tell Cindy. I quickly started my car as he stood outside my window trying to explain that nothing had happened, that Cindy should never know. In a state of shock, I weighed my options. Should I not attend the party or should I go and pretend that Ray had not just attempted to seduce me. I opted for the latter only to see how Ray behaved with Cindy.

    Upon arrival, he was his happy, attentive self with her and she was delighted to see him, although he kept a safe distance from me, watching nervously when Cindy and I were conversing together.

    When I arrived home I told my fiance Richard about Ray’s behavior. Richard is not the jealous type, and knows that I have never been impressed with Ray, so he found the whole episode mildly entertaining stating that it was probably for the best that I not tell Cindy. His philosophy was that she undoubtedly already knew that Ray was a flirt, and accepted him for who he was since she had made the decision to move in with him.

    Cindy and I have known each other over 25 years, sharing the pain of divorce, the joys, concerns, pride and problems of raising daughters as single women, divulging our amusing accounts of dates gone awry, with advice eagerly offered and always appreciated. But, even though I had my doubts about the stability of their relationship I kept my opinion of Ray to myself because I could see she was happier than I had seen her in a long while. She was well aware of his drinking and his low tolerance for alcohol, but she felt she would be able to help him get over the ghost of his deceased wife and loss of custody of his sons.

    That night I tossed and turned wondering if I should tell her, knowing she would be very hurt. But my biggest worry was what would happen to our friendship if I told her. Would she begin to hold me at arms length, turn away from me due to embarrassment? I asked myself what benefit is there in telling her if she decides to move in with him after all?

    The next morning I called my closest confidante, my sister, and told her about my inner struggle. We are experts in the analysis of our friends, taking great strides to understand them. After a drawn out conversation in which we considered all the angles we both agreed that Cindy must know.

    Over drinks a couple of days later, Cindy was told. The guilt I felt over not telling her was ceased and she understood my uncertainty about unveiling the terrible truth. Obviously, she was enraged with Ray and refused to see him, but he was persistent, declared his love for her, and implored her to move in. And just as I expected she would do, she did. They lasted nine months. Our strong friendship continues, recognizing the value of honesty, we remain candid and constant cherished comrades.

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