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    - August Winner!

    Andria Donnelly is a poet and writer with a background in Economic Development and Public Service. She has articles published on the theme, “That was then, this is now.” She resides in Oklahoma and is currently working on her book “A War Baby's Cry.”

    - August Winner!

    I asked to have a good life, and live happily ever after
    I was granted that till last week, Well! I almost died of laughter
    The Doc said “Girl you're dying”, “Of course I am,” I scorned
    “Heck Doc, I've been dying, since the day that I was born.” 

    I've only got six months to live, YES, I HAVE A FEAR OR TWO!
    What the heck am I going to wear? I've got so much to do!
    Ineed to go out shopping ... I'm afraid to take a snooze.
    Maybe I'll wear my yellow dress. Will I be needing shoes? 

    Should I send out cards and letters, or a simple invitation?
    Maybe say I'm going to be ... taking a little vacation.
    RSVP and come along, for I haven't a regret,
    We'll party until sunrise, yeah! ... Cause I ain't dead yet!

    I'm maxing out my credit cards and buying gifts for y'all,
    I'm killing off my enemies, this is their curtain call.
    It's not likely I'll get caught or even end up in jail,
    Heck, I've got nuthin to lose, it's not like I can't make bail. 

    My Gawd, I've got a mustache, but no one knows that yet,
    Surely I will have it shaved. Uh huh, oh yeah, you bet!
    I'd confide in little sister ... But she'd tell all she knows,
    Knowing her she'll dress me up in garters or panty hose! 

    Should I get crushed into a stone, a diamond or a ruby?
    But who do I leave me to, my boyfriend, that little cutie?
    But he is very carless and I'm afraid that he might fail,
    To find me if he misplaced me, and I sold in his yard sale. 

    And what about that cutie? Oh yeah they'll swarm around him,
    Bringing cakes and cookies, I'll be sure to warn him.
    They only want his money, hey that's MY life insurance.
    No one gets their hands on that, you've got my re- assurance! 

    What if I get down there and I'm not really gone?
    I guess I'll let my nails grow; I'll keep them sharp and long.
    Six months is hardly long enough to make so many plans,
    I could use an extra month? I know ... not in my hands. 

    Oh yes, I'll take things with me, well maybe just a few.
    What do you mean you cannot? Can not take it with you?
    Oh, yes I can ... It's mine. Besides what if I get scared?
    And what about life after death? Honey, I'm going prepared. 

    My purse, a razor, and a book, and lots of chocolate candy,
    I'm taking all my money ... In case it comes in handy.
    I might have to hitch a ride or even pay some bimbo,
    I don't want to take any chances. Man, I can't be stuck in limbo. 

    I'll need my driver's license, to prove it's really me,
    In case someone has stolen my true identity.
    I'll need my lucky rabbit’s foot. Come on, cut me some slack.
    Look, if I meet that rabbit, I promise I'll give it back. 

    Maybe I'll get buried without the bells and whistles,
    Buck nekkid in a shallow grave surrounded by milk thistles.
    Why not go and rest in peace with all the other crazies?
    I guess I could spend my resting days pushing up some daisies. 

    I have a birthmark on my back that looks like Elton John,
    Very few have seen, and it will fade when I am gone.
    What if the undertaker thinks he can get away,
    With putting my Elton John carcass up for sale on EBay? 

    Worry, worry, worry, I'm worried half to death.
    I better take it easy, I still have things to get.
    I have to do this right, and do the best I can,
    I can't play this by air; I need to have a plan. 

    I'll have to take a sweater and wear clean underwear,
    I hope I'll need a sweater ... Unless I'm going T H E R E
    I hope there's not a lineup ... And I hope I won't be late,
    I wonder what time of day they’ll open up the gate. 

    No ones come back to let us know just what we need to do.
    I'm not taking any chances when I bid this life adieu.
    I'll cover all the bases ... Hey, I ain't no dunce.
    Heck ... Dying just like living, you just get to do it once.
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