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    BWS Stories - "If I Could Save Time In A Bottle"...Embracing Our Authentic Selves

    "If I Could Save Time In A Bottle"...Embracing Our Authentic Selves - Celebrate Life

    Patty began writing in 2003, after a 30 year hiatus! She lives in Knoxville, Tennessee
    with her husband of twenty years, and our six feline children
    Proudly, she turns fifty in 2006!

    Celebrate Life

    Happy Birthday! Remember when those words meant a celebration with
    cake, ice cream, gifts wrapped in festive paper, and parties? Those
    were the days before low carbs & fat grams were a priority. Our
    bathroom cabinets weren’t clogged with bottles of miracle wrinkle and
    cellulite creams. And we were never too tired to party. What happened
    when we turned forty, forty-five or fifty? Celebrate? Celebrate what?
    Wrinkles, creaking knees, grey hair, and 15 extra pounds that refuse to vacate
    our bodies? Are these reasons to celebrate?

    Maybe this aging process needs to be re-evaluated. Are we approaching
    it all wrong?. Consider these concepts. Wrinkles; a tribute to all of our life
    experiences. A few extra pounds; just proof we enjoy the input more
    than the output! Creaking, stiff body parts; miles we've traveled and
    places we've seen. We have survived the comedies and tragedies, sporting
    the grey hair to prove it. So why are we complaining? We should be
    celebrating our accomplishments. Sharing our stories and disappointments
    with those following in our footsteps. An example that middle age CAN be a
    renewal of youth.

    How are you spending the mid-life years? Have reality shows become a
    part of your nightly routine? Spending hours with e-mailing and web
    surfing? Need a nap before dinner? Is your idea of an adventure having jalapenos
    on your nachos (after all you do have that economy size bottle of antacid)?
    So live a little!

    Sound familiar? Sinking into the middle age mire? A recent conversation
    with old friends provided the opportunity to reflect on our lives. What happened?
    Our goals, projects, and the adventures we planned had been abandoned? What
    were we trying to do, preserve ourselves for old age by playing it safe and getting
    our rest? The grim reaper would just have to wait.

    I began by making a list of those plans that were made along the way, but put off
    until someday. Not wanting to shock my poor body and burn out too quickly, I
    started slow with small goals. However, I soon discovered that a daily routine of
    walking gave me more energy. Those Spanish and Wine Appreciation courses I had
    always promised myself became a reality. And the long dreaded chore of sorting
    through years of photographs went fast when I tossed the out of focus ones.This led to the ever popular task of ridding my closet of STUFF. Do we really need
    complete sets of “fat clothes” and “I will get into these again.” Let’s be realistic.
    Do you really need to keep that cute strapless dress you wore in 1973? How many
    pairs of black pants do you own? Why do you still have all those high
    school year books? Did those people still look eighteen at your twenty-fifth
    reunion? I found ridding myself of closet clutter gave me a new sense of freedom.

    On to tackling the adventures. Whitewater rafting, learning to water
    ski, and ride a motorcycle topped my list. What was stopping me? Was I too old?
    I didn't think so!

    Your list can be as adventurous as you like. The idea is to do something.
    Get off the sofa and quit moping. Join a group or club. They range from
    the mundane to the physically challenging. Do book or travel clubs appeal
    to you? Or are you ready to tackle hiking, mountain biking or canoeing?
    I’m sure you have friends with the same getting old feelings. A new venture
    is easier when shared. A new experience can cost as little or much as you want. Time can be your
    only investment. And you’re going to have more now without the hour
    long nap before dinner.

    John Lennon's quote sums it up nicely. "Life is what is happening when you
    are busy making plans." So get up, quit making those someday plans. The world
    awaits and the clock is ticking. I would rather be interesting and without regrets
    when I retire to my rocker at ninety. Wouldn't you?

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