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    BWS Stories - "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"...Marriage

    "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"...Marriage - * Resurrection

    Jeanne Fry is a 51 yr. old woman who has been a “wife” x 2, and always the “mother” of 2 sons and 1 dog. Losing her much loved husband to a 21 yr. old reminded her that in her heart and soul, she’s a writer.….and words heal.

    * Resurrection

    I found the purple rugs today….in the bottom of a box…forgotten, musty, cast

    In the bottom of a torn cardboard box…certainly no place of honor…
    Tossed in, haphazardly....buried deep…under layers of old bills, book, photos.
    Their beauty unnoticed. Pretending they didn’t matter…held no value…
    Wondering why I ever kept them…knowing they would do nothing but drag me down
    in my journey of change.

    Still, they spoke to me. I could not shut them out, or pretend any longer.
    Spreading them on the floor...smoothing out their wrinkles....
    Eyes feasting on their deep purple color…hands stroking their plush texture.
    My cheek caressed by their softness.... I once had been comforted by him…
    Cheek on his chest…the beating of his heart…secure in his arms.

    Sobbing from my gut….thinking I had buried, let go, put to rest…long ago…
    My sadness, my anger, my despair…my love… resurrected.

    We chose them together….delighted…
    searching for just the right place for them…in the home that we shared…
    “Our” creation....
    Adding to, enhancing each year. Like our love....
    chosen by each other, delighted, exploring each other..
    ever growing through the years….

    Until he went shopping alone one day…and the next…and the next…and the next.
    I wondered what he was searching for…why he didn’t take me…
    Saying he didn’t know…only that he needed to shop alone until he found it...
    In my love for him…stepping back…trusting he would find the gift to further grow our love.
    Anticipating delight at his surprise!

    The gift he brought was indeed a surprise!
    A rented house...a young woman....pregnant with his child......
    All around us…walls crumbling…windows shattering…ceiling crashing down…
    destroying all we had a moment’s time.

    My heart, my soul, tossed in a cardboard box…forgotten,…cast aside.
    My beauty unnoticed, buried deep, unseen. No place for me, no more delight.

    Rising to the surface from the bottom of the box…stretching...softening…finding my place.
    Shopping alone…my beauty shining journey of change.

    No more will I settle for the bottom of the box…My purple resurrected!!
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