I can't believe the month is almost over. I have loved the opportunity to answer your questions and interact with you in this special way...we've all been busy with the holidays and now we're cleaning up the mess and looking forward to 2007.

I thought I would share my overall goals for my writing, radio show, coaching, speaking for 2007...

to impact at least 50,000 women this year

to reach #1 on Amazon for at least one day

to complete the next book "Putting Your Best Foot Forward"

to speak at one or more national women's conferences

Of course I have lots of other goals as I know all of you do and we're talking about them in a couple of other threads. Just wanted to put these 'out there'. I appreciate your support as they become reality!

I still have a couple of days to answer any questions you might have...or just to have a fun conversation...I'll be around this weekend.
Jane Carroll