I did love the photos of the Bertha's...and I wondered where she was last night! I hope she got good tips!!

I first learned about LOA after I had started writing the first Bertha and it did play a large part in the content of the book. I think one of the biggest things for me was to take responsibility for my life, including the things that weren't the way I wanted them to be. I tended to feel like a victim a lot before that...and there was always somebody else to blame...ex-husbands topped the list!

The message that I really wanted to get across...underneath the spandex and that our thoughts and attitudes and beliefs really do influence the quality of our lives...if we want a better life then we have to begin to have better thoughts.

It's a process. We can't go from total negativity to Pollyana in one day. That's why Bertha still has a few issues with insecurities. The important thing is to continually make that effort to find a better, kinder thought about yourself and others.

Get off the soapbox, Bertha...aren't your feet tired from working at Cafe Hon?!
Jane Carroll