Jane, while reading your book, I couldn't help but think of this town in Baltimore called Hamden. All the ladies there dress like Bertha. Honestly. You must go to this link and check it out.

Be sure to browse the Cafe Hon site a bit to see more. It's such a great place to visit. Some of the photos are from the Hon Fest. Boy would I love to go to that with my boomer sisters. It's a laugh riot. My friend that I've known since second grade, and I have been and we we're threatening to enter the Hon Contest. 2007 could be our year.


Cafe Hon even has a HUGE pink flamingo on the front of the bar and restaurant. It is owned by a womena who has revitalized the ares. Hamden now consists of tons of businesses that mainly consist of women owners. If anyone comes to visit me, we'll definitely go there to get a taste of old Bawdemore Hon!
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