Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you all had a delightful weekend filled with the 4 F', food, family and friends!

But it's Monday morning and time to get back to work. Part (a huge part) of what I love about my new career is the flexibility to arrange my time. Working in nursing usually meant working the holidays...I worked 4 Christmas Days in a row!

This year I plan to work through Thursday when my daughter and her husband arrive and then start back on Tuesday. What about you ladies who also work from home? What kind of schedule are you giving yourself for the holidays?

It's easy to fall into that trap of...I have to work everyday, because if I don't work I don't make any money...but what I'm finding is that when I allow myself to play now and again...I just took a day to decorate and shop...the next day I had all these great ideas and they just was so easy! So enjoy a few guilt free days've earned them...and you'll be more productive when you get back!
Jane Carroll