Good for you shoveling out all that muck...that just gave me an image of Bertha in lime green jodphers and high-heeled riding boots, mucking out the stalls...making room for a pony...see, you made me smile, too.


I think I've read almost every personal growth book around (not really...they're popping up everywhere!) Somehow Bertha twists it all up and comes up with these goofy analogies. This is one that I have wanted to create a talk on and haven't done it yet...I did buy the shape shorter to use as an AV when the time in answer to your question...all of the above...I am a nurse and have taught Psych nursing and trained as a life coach and I've had a lot of experiences...not as many as da Queen...and Bertha is close to a fairy!




I believe that holding an image of someone the way you know they would want to be (happy)and holding them in prayer is the very best thing you can do for them. When we focus on their bad mood we only amplfy it. And when we expect them to act that way...they usually don't disappoint us either!

I love to talk on any topic that helps women see that they can make a difference in their lives by making a difference in their thoughts and beliefs. I like to help them look at what can be instead of what of my favorite titles is "Take Time to Smell the Roses...Or At Least Get Your Nose Out of the Manure!" The talk has many variations on the same principle. I really do want to develop the shape sorter one...I think it could be fun for a company and team building, etc.
Jane Carroll