I'm sure Edie will get back with you...she loves great ideas! That's great!

The interview with Eagle by Edie is already archived. You can find it at it's listed as Life Beyond Depression about midway down the page.

The station is streaming continously there is always something on!

My sister did my illustrations. She has always been an artist and was able to give Bertha a face. It's pretty cool because several other people had other ideas about what Bertha should look like but Cindy captured the essence of what I had in mind...that sister bond. I wish I could draw like that!

You are absloutely right, there is always away to find the light! I've always been on this path of creating a positive attitude...when I learned the concept of Law of Attraction it made such an impact in my life.

Suddenly, I realized that I wasn't a of my favorite roles...but that I was creating the circumstances that I was living...I started looking at everything differently...and I wanted to find ways to help other women see it differently, also.

The personna of Bertha in many ways was created as an opposite of me in some ways and is right on me in others. I chose the symbol of flamingos to represent that you can have anything you believe you the time I thought flamingos, especially big plastic flamingos in the yard were tacky. Now I love flamingos. I have them strategically placed in my office and my porch is a flamingo garden! So they are now my muse.
Jane Carroll