I started teaching classes and speaking when I was working in nursing. I was a Home Health Director for several years and that was just part of the territory. Then on my last job we could get extra 'credit' for bonuses by doing community events among other things...that was my favorite way to get the bonus! So it was a natural progression...oh, and I also taught Psych nursing and prenatal classes for years...I'm a born teacher!

The next book is started and in the first edit. It's Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Bertha's Guide to Life and Shoes. I've had it that far along for several months and just couldn't go any further. I just realized last week why I didn't like it...ta da!...I had changed the flow of the interaction between Bertha and my character and it was coming across whiney...now I can't wait to get at the re-writing!


The journal is a blast! I took several different journaling techniques such as 'scripting', 're-writing something that you didn't like' 'expanding on appreciation', that kind of thing. The most fun thing is the joy meter...it's different heel heights...stilettos for joy and house shoes for depression. Of course there are Bertha stories and she's dressed in some pretty funny outfits!

I'm publishing the journal through a small press that is essentially subsidy.


Morning is definitely my best time of day for being creative. Most of the first book was writen early mornings before work. I still do my morning pages most mornings just to jump start things.

Since I no longer have a set schedule for work, my writing schedule has evolved as well. Sometimes I'll rest in the afternoon and then write until late at night...just depends on my energy level.

I've been busy getting ready for my radio show www.lovingliferadioshow.com which begins today.That has taken most of my time over the last month, including writing as I'm writing some copy for the openings and closings as well as guest interviews. And today is the first show 8pm EST...and the best...da Queen is my first guest!

I'm excited about the re-writes now that I have more of a direction in my mind...so I'm sure I'll develop another pattern of writing and promoting and all that jazz!

Okay, back on the road...I'll check in later in the day!
Jane Carroll