Hello again from Georgia...a pit stop on my way to Orlando...


I write pretty much every day but it seems to be more about promoting and marketing than doing the edits on my next book. Allison hit that on the head when she said that we take our times with the first one and then it's a mad dash to write after that.

I did get a guided journal completed and it's at the printer's as I type. It has 10 Bertha stories and exercises for journaling to increase joy...Where the Joys Are: Bertha's Guided Journal.

Seems like I'm always in front of my computer doing something, even if it's spider solitaire!

I loved to write around starting around 7th grade. I wrote sappy and sometimes gory poems...too much Edgar Allen Poe at the time...and a few short stories of the same teenage drama queen genre. I remember a few of them but don't actually have copies of them. Wish I did.

I loved writing and all of literature in high school. Mother says I wanted to take journalism in college but she encouraged (she was paying) me to go with my original choice of nursing.

As a young married mother I didn't write much, just read a lot...you know the Maribell Morgan stuff of the 80's. But I always had the desire to write for me and to encourage others.

Hannelore, I agree you are beautiful and JJ those highlights in your hair sure got you looking younger!
Jane Carroll