A fun day was had by all. Yes, we sold a few books and got to meet another local author who is a hoot. She is younger than us, but you just HAD to love her. She's got that personality that dares you not to like her. What fun she was! Didn't you think so too, Jane?

Jane is a lot of fun to accompany ANY where. Several members of MY family dropped by and they took to her right off. I knew they would.

Lynnie, to answer you question, Blue Cross/Blue Shield has a new (somewhat new) program call Blue something or other. I'll have to find the link for you. Anyway, it is for people without coverage. The deductible is high, and it doesn't cover dental, but the coverage other than that, is pretty good. As good as what I had before. I don't need dental because my dentist is a family friend and my sister works for him. I get a discount there and can pay monthly.

The insurance coverage will cost me around $247, or $274 a month, depending on which deductible I choose. (Remember, I only have to cover ME). There is more than one option. The price depends on where in the country you live. I'll find the link and post it here. Jane won't mind. I know stuff on her.