I learned a long time ago not to talk about something like that until I had really worked it out in my head because otherwise somebody could easily talk me out of it...you know the voice of reason!

I think I had been mentally preparing for it for a while...I just didn't know what 'it' was! When the idea to sell my house and quit work finally occurred to me...it just made sense...it was the next logical step.

First I contacted a real-estate agent to see how much the house would sell for and then I seriously started thinking about it. This was only a matter of a few days. I think I told the children at that point but held off for a few more days before I told my mother. The house sold within 2 weeks of putting it on the market...so the cat was out of the bag and into a moving box fairly quickly!

They were concerned but supportive...hey none of them wanted me to end up broke and living with them! I think they are all proud of me and they are supportive but they are still concerned, especially my mother.

On the other hand...mother has really enjoyed having me home and with a flexible schedule.
Jane Carroll