I really don't miss nursing. I miss the people that I worked with and even some of the patient interaction but I am sooooo happy doing what I'm doing that I have no regrets.

Oh, I do miss the paycheck! That security of knowing x amount of money was coming in every two weeks and having paid vacation and sick time was hard to give up. But the desire to write fulltime was so strong that I didn't think too much about that part of it. It's a good thing, if I'd really thought about it, I probably wouldn't have done it either!

I don't know that any of my co-workers have left since I did--at least not left nursing--they're always changing locations. You have to realize that nursing is the dream for many people.

What I did see was one young girl who found the courage to leave a bad marriage and get her degree...steps she said were inspired by Bertha and me. Now that was gratifying!
Jane Carroll