Now I'm anxious to see the movie. Can't wait to see what the house looks like. While I love decorating I must say I don't have the energy it takes to do what they are doing. Geez, how old are they? [Razz]

DOn't know about you but my mouth waters when I read about the food they prepare. I wanted to attend the party with them on page 76. What a lovely setting.

Lynn, what do you say we go there on vacation and hit the market near their house? I might think I've died and gone to heaven.

On page 85, I could relate to her when she was talking about doing chores at her other home and being dragged down by them, feeling like she was wasting time, had better things to do.

But it's all in her perspective because she is doing similar, actually harder chores on her new home in Tuscany. Oh what a difference woking on a vacation home must make!

I also found page 91 interesting when she returned home to all her STUFF in her home and how she was overwhelmed by it in comparison to her rather empty home in Tuscany. Made me think about the *stuff* in my home that I could do without. [Eek!]

So far i'm enjoying the book. Still wish there were more relational things going on!