Kate, A Painted House is by John Grisham - not bad. It is not one of his lawyer stories.

Just started Under the Tuscan Sun. Not very far in...the house has just been purchased and the initial clean up has begun.

I can relate to this book so far. I love remodleing, particularly historical structures and I love recapturing the landscape. When we moved into our current house, we had poison ivy and honeysuckle growing right on the house! I can relate to their tasks at hand.

How fortunate to be able to spend your summers in Tuscanny.

I wish there was a map in the book. I am a little ignorant of the Italian country geographically. It would be nice to reference a map for bearings. There goes the navigator in me again! I am enjoying my read.

Can anyone else relate to this couple? Or is it too far festched to go off and buy a summer home 7,000 miles away from your winter home? What do you think?