Ladies, I'll be emailing the club members soon because I think we should be starting our new book next week...Under The Tuscan Sun. A little lighter and a quicker read. Then I'm going to try to squeeze in a little Christmas non-fiction read. Any suggestions? We shall see.

A few more thoughts on our current read, You Can Be Happy No Matter What...

I loved his section on relationships.
He talks about it not being what we say, but how we say it. Gotta remember I'm raising three teens here and I couldn't agree with this more. I know from experience that when I talk with them about it issue, it's best to do it when the issue isn't smack in our faces. That way we can TALK about it and actually listen to one another. Choosing when to talk about issues is key.

He talks about moods. I thankfully read something long ago about NOT talking with the kids when there's an issue. We aren't in the right mood to TALK...Cool off and wait until the anger has resided and then talk with them. This works in any relationship. Wish I had the presence of mind to do this with all conflicts, but I don't! [Eek!]

I also like how he talks about no two people seeing things the same way. Everyone has lived separate lives and brings differing experiences with them to every situation. You know, the old walk a mile in my shoes thing. Helps to consider when in relationships.

In seven he reminded me that I cause my own stress. I should be capable of ruling my thoughts better. Something else to work on. Thinking more happy thoughts makes for a happier person...makes simple sense! When we are happier we see clearer answers to conflict.

Lots of valuable lessons in this book. Anyone else want to share?