i went to the library to see if i could get this book -- and i couldn't -- without driving into the next town -- but after reading your last few posts -- i have to go with my original "gut feeling"

a book with the title "you can be happy no matter what" just didn't seem to be one that too many of the ladies here in the forum would need to read -- i mean -- heLLLLllooo -- of COURSE you can be happy no matter what [Smile] -- and most of the ladies i know in here have figured that out already [Smile] with all the brillant women in here -- we don't need to read a self-help book -- we just need each other [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]

but i do agree with him about the computer part of our brain vs the part connected to the soul --
if we can let go our "intelligence" and allow the soul to flow -- we can find inner peace much easier