One son's at college, one's at work, my daughter is doing homework, and my hubby is taking his little boy at the local orphanage out to Friendly's for dinner. I'm putting off making dinner because my daughter isn't hungry and I can wait too. So why not post about the book club read!

I'm in the middle of reading, let's see, 1,2,3,4 books right now. I'm reading:
-Bearing The Big H, H would be Hysterectomy, written by a friend I met a writer's conference.
-Complete Guide To Internet Publicity
-The Purpose Driven Life (my husband and I are in a book study with this one at our church on Sunday mornings...and
-You Can Be Happy No Matter What.

I think I need a good novel too, don't you? [Wink]

Anyway, the book club read is a good one. I thought I would crank it out in no time, but I've found it takes some much needed reflection.

Beginning with, Circumstances don't make a person. Instead, they reveal him or her! That's on page xiii. Wow, that made me think.

He also mentions that contentment enhances our spiritual life, and I seem to disagree. I think it's just the opposite.

I totally agree with the Introduction when he mentions that we should have a gratitude journal. I began doing this several summers ago. When I began I had a hard time listing things. Now, there's no stopping me! [Big Grin] What occurs when you begin this practice is amazing. You truly begin focusing on your blessings in life and realize EVERYTHING is God's grace!

This book isn't written with a spiritual bent, but if you are looking for it, you can find it.

Just a start!

What do you think?

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