I have done a little research and have chosen the book for the first read.

I chose it because it has to do with women sharing their stories,and encouraging and supporting one another in everyday life. Sound familiar?

The Saving Graces by Patricia Gaffney! I have read it but can't wait to get into it again. It is that good. I read it while at the beach with a bunch of friends and felt like a hermit at times when I hunkered down in privacy to get through another good part. I laughed, cried, and related with the women in the story and I think you will too.

Hopefully you can get it at the library, local book store, or at Amazon.com. The price on Amazon is $7.99. They also have used copies for as little as $0.55. Uhhh, how do they do that? Geez!

Here is how it works:

I will add a forum for the book club and will allow anyone to post about it as long as they don't give too much away. (Done, you are in that forum!)

There will be a beginning and end date for each book read. Once the end date passes we can talk more openly in the forums.

Meantime if you have finished and another woman comments that they have also completed the book you can go behind the scenes (by e-mail) and *talk* about it until everyone else catches up.

I have never done this before so it's a trial and error gig.

I am also going to set up a group e-mail list so we will know who is in the book club. Does anyone object to that? I can always do it as a blind e-mail if you want so your address isn't blasted around. However I figure that most of you have the e-mail address available to anyone who wants to contact us in the forums... so it should be cool.

Why don't we say the begin date is Aug. 1, and the end date is Sept.30? Sound fair?

For those of you who said "Sign me up", I will be sending you an e-mail this week.

Also, what if the first one finished gets to pick the next book? That way we'll have variety. Don't you think?

Any questions or comments?

Coming soon...A Boomerwomenspeak Movie Club!

Keep checking the forums. [Big Grin]