Lynn, I love that saying. I think you were following it when you were a teen and young adult living on the sea too. Don't you?

This reminds me of the sermon on Easter Sunday. He preached about having moments in life when you receive news, either good, or bad. At that moment you have to have faith and hope in order to move forward with belief in all things that are good. It's like the moment you jump off the cliff. You have to believe you're going to fly. If you don't have faith, then you'll never fly.

Meredith, since I don't beleive I was here before, or that I'm coming back, I find your thoughts interesting. It's hard for me to fathom a past life since I've never grasped those beliefs. Another question...

When you return, will you carry your knowledge from this life with you? Do you become wiser with each visit?

Hope you don't mind my questions? [Wink]

I tend to socialize with people who share similar belief systems. I like having the opportunity to ask questions of others who believe differently.

On Tuesdays I attend this eccumenical Bible/book study. All of us are Christians, but from different denominations. The conversations always stimulate my thoughts and a desire to know more about other beliefs and disciplines. I like thinking outside the box.