Liberation, indeed. My toenails are trimmed and painted. I told my husband that when I am old and in a nursing home and I can't reach my toes, I want him to make sure my toenails are painted. However, my fingernails are another matter. In my former life as a sales person and property manager, "nice" nails were part of the professional persona. I had to shake hands all the time, not easy when one is shy and a germ-a-phob. I got conjunctivitis several times! Doing my nails was a weekly ritual. Anyway, in my new life as an artist/author, I have short, unpainted fingernails. Who cares? I use cuticle cream, but that's all. Who needs long nails anyway? We'd end up like Howard Hughes Did you see how they illlustrated his over grown toe nails in The Aviator? Besides Chatty, any one over 40 who doesn't have a wrinkle doesn't need long nails! LLL