why the very idea! That makes me sooo mad. I'm writing my Congressman! The newspaper! The Bus Terminal!

Now, let me get my pen and paper here and I'll compose a letter that will singe their nose hairs! Imagine comparing us to someone old...Seniors! hmp...like we are senile or something...ohhhh...look at that, pens out of ink. Well, I have another pen in the other room so I'll just go get it...Whoa! Would you look at that? The dust is an inch think on this table...I'll just grab that dust cloth under the sink and whip that baby into shape..let's, see..hmm..it's here somewhere...oh my, that bottle of Windex has a coupon on it I forgot to use<rip> and lookey here! Today's my lucky day, a contest on the bottle...let's see says, "enter this number on our web site to win a lifetime supply of Windex." Oh it ends today, better run in there and do that real quick...hmm...my boomer women speak page is up already. Wonder what's going on in there....Oh good grief some bus is.....

Now...what was the question?