I've been scrapping for a few years now. I find it goes in spurts. Right now we're trying to sell our house, so living "clean" is not condusive to scrapping. I have made heritage books, family books, small books, and even two baby books for my daughters, with no pictures, for them to fill in. I also did a wedding book for one of my daughters, that she could fill in. My nephew was in an awesome performance group for several years during the summer, and each year I made him a book to remember the summer. I think it's a great relaxer, and an awesome gift. I also enjoy going to scrapbooking conventions. The only thing I don't like about the whole concept is that some people, or manufacturers are going to such extremes, that the photos are almost insignificant. I can't go along with that "piece of art" concept. I just like nice pages that enhance my pictures, and tell a story when appropriate. It's a great hobby!!!