Jawjawa, youa area soa funnya! [Big Grin]

Hey too bad you don't live around here, because I happen to know this DJ and she designed my garden. [Big Grin] She's also my Friday morning walking buddy. [Wink]

When she was talking about picturing your space as a pallette, that's exactly what she did with the side of our house and it's beautiful. I told her the colors I liked, (pinks, yellows, blues, greens, no reds) the plants and flowers I liked and disliked and she took it from there.

Many of the flowers she suggests are in my garden, planted in the perfect spot, flourishing like you just can't imagine.

SHe designed it, my nephew, his girlfriend, and I planted it (my nephew did all the bullwork of pulling out all the English Ivy that had been there, took him days) and all I do is take care of it, and I get all the compliments from the people who walk by. DJ doesn't even get to hear that. Though I have dropped her name and suggested her services! [Wink]

When you look at the gardens in different seasons there is color spread about just like a painting.

Can you tell I love it? [Big Grin] Plus she took into account the fact that I like to cut and bring them in and share with others. Ohhh, it's such a blessing!

And I mean if you lived here, I'm dividing and I'd love to share with you! I have a few things in my garden that were either gifts from friends or dug up from their gardens and replanted in mine. It's fun and then it takes on mew meaning!

I also have a pink azalea, and some heather in there that friends gave me when my mom died. [Wink]

I'm rambling, but just want you to know that you are gettin gprofessional advice and you should take it free of charge. [Big Grin]