I leave my christmas cactus out all year too.. but "waking" it up for me is giving it a little extra attention right before the holiday.. so it knows it's time to bloom.

However, like I said, I missed out this year because of being sick. So, I'm predicting my cactus will actually bloom around the end of January. I'll let ya'll know if I'm right.

We had a cold front move through here this past week and it got close to freezing here in Tampa.

BRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Too darn cold for me.. We live in the tropics.. it's supposed to stay warm.. that's why I moved down here.

The freeze didn't hurt my strawberry plant.. thank goodness. It's the funniest thing to drive down the street and see everyone's bed linens draped over their bushes and flower beds.

I read somewhere that a little cold now and then is good for the plants, it makes their fruit sweeter. Has anyone else ever hear that?

I hope my plumeria grows.. it takes so long for it to grow. I think in the Spring I'll pick up a 6 foot tree and see if I can transplant it in the yard. They really need lots of humidity and water which is why they grow so much better down in South Florida.