UuuggggHHh....Meredith.....I just want to plant stuff, I don't want to take a class. I wanted to make LESS work, not more. So does this mean that all the wonderful "random" looking gardens are not really that at all but previously planned, organized works of art?

[Frown] I so don't have energy for that. And Mere... I think you have pretty perpetual 70ish degree weather don't you? I mean, give or take 10-15 degrees. We get extreme temps in the winter and summer so I WILL actually have to find out what's indictive to this area. I have seen bouganvilla and even though they drop their blooms a lot, I think it might be worth it for the color. I love the color of those, the fuschia colored ones.

And I know .....well I guess I know what I want, I just have to do it in the spring. I'd love to have a place to go out and paint and ......you know what...I'm actually tired of talking. So I'm going to go now.