I am no gardner for sure, but I love my backyard.

I have 3 acres bordered by a creek. My house is two story on a cliff terraced down to the pool and hot tub. I put natural rocks on the hill behind the hot tub and planted annuals in the crevices. I have some wild flowers along the creek bank and the whole thing is shaded by huge trees.

I had natural rock steps built to the pool and hot tub with a deck about half way down on one side. That's where I love to sit and drink coffee in the mornings.

The houses around here all have a few acres so there's all kinds of wildlife that comes to the creek. A couple of hawks come every year to nest. They come soaring into the yard and sometimes they perch on a post to watch me watching them.

Recently we had company and there was a rabbit in the front yard as they were coming in then at dinner we were looking out the windows of the dining room to the yard and we noticed a skunk who had came to play on the creek bank. While we were watching the skunk, a doe and three fawns came to drink. I said it was Thumper, Flower, Bambi, Feline, and Bambi's mother (does anyone remember her name?)

I found an old Bambi video and we watched it after dinner. Made for a different and fun evening.