[Cool] I love gardening. Have actually move into some landscaping with terraed walls etc. I am getting a bit big for my britiches or biting off more than I can chew! one or the other.

Gardening has just picked up again for me since my little was four this last summer, I had more autonomy.

One of my favorite garden memories is sharing a large vegetable garden with my dear friend Tanya. We grew everything and canned and froze stuff. It was great. We would each just take a section in the evenings or on weekends and sit and weed. Sometimes we would talk but mostly just enjoyed the silence of each other. Tanya hummed alot and that jsut kept us moving. It was so peaceful sharing the routine of the garden with someone so close. We shared property. She lived in the farm house and I lived in the barn (restored).

Tanya died from breast cancer after a four year battle, six years ago now. The hardest part was carrying on our garden without her humming. Sometimes I could barely hear her and then my eyes were swimming in tears, I could not see the weeds.

I have since moved but I have found myself sitting and humming in the garden. I know I have achieved a state of peace when I hum. [Smile]