Dotsie,I am not to far from the beach at all. That's great because I love the beach. [Cool] This time of year however, it gets very crowded with tourists, bennies,as we call them here. The traffic is awful at times. If you want to go to the beach the trick is to leave early before the mad rush.
Maggie, I have a hubby too. I understand. He only helps with the big stuff that I can't do. He really isn't into gardening but he voices his opinion when I want to prune something or move this or that. I like to change things around. He likes to leave things alone. Boring [Roll Eyes] He gets crazy when I want to do something major. When I wanted to put in the fish pond. I knew I had to do it when he wasn't home. I waited till he left for work and got busy. When ho got home the hole was dug, plants were moved, it was too late for him to get uptight. Now he enjoys the fish and all the critters that pop up so much. We have a saying around here "You were right ,I was wrong" Gotta love em! [Big Grin]