hi Dotsie, does container gardening count?

I grow my herbs in containers outside. The containers are situated all around my pool. The Florida ground is either too salty, too sandy, or too rocky to put in anything other than indigenous tropical plants. However, I have had a poinsettia in the ground for nearly 3 years now and it's doing well.

I start most of my herbs out by seed in small pots on my patio, then as they grow and get stronger, I put them in bigger pots and give them a spot on the pool deck, depending on their need for sun or shade.

My St. John's Wort is really bushing up. I have Basil growing like crazy, and the mint does well under the shade of my palm trees. The catnip keeps getting knocked over by the neighbor's cat.

My calendula loves the hot sun as does the sage. Mullien, mugwort, lavender, chamomile, all love to grow in containers.

Most of them are on rolling plant sitters so I can try different spots to see which plant likes what area.

Not many weeds to deal with, but still have to pull the occasional grass shoot.

I leave the clover growing in the pots when they sprout.. kinda looks cheerful!

Peace & Hugs.