As I sit here with the room shaking and rain falling again, I have to remind myself of the bounty in the garden this year. [Big Grin]

Last year we had a tremendous drought in Maryland and it definitely tampered the number of flowers in my garden. This year is a whole different story. I am grateful for more flowers, and I imagine the farmers are grateful for more veggies. Farmers Market should be great this year! [Big Grin]

Anyway, I love to cut and bring the flowers in the house to brighten things up. Last year I recall having only a couple of certain flowers and only for short periods of time. You should see the garden this year! All the plants are about double the size they were last year. [Razz] I am going to have to do some serious dividing!
Rain water makes such a difference! I'm anxious to get back out there.

Hope you are enjoying the gardens in your yards and neighborhoods!