Hi girls,

I have tried before doing a journal, humm, I guess I'm not very good at routine and sticking to doing something on a regular basis. That goes for the exercise thing as well [Eek!]

What I started though when my daughter was a baby is write a kind of book/journal to her for when I'm not around anymore. I figured that since I had her when I was older, that she might need answers or might want to know about me and when she was young and I would not be there to answer her questions.

So I wrote a lot more when she was young, told her things about me before I was married and also wrote names of people that were around her, like friends, when she was like 3 or 4 years old.
And about my parents who died before she was born. I then only wrote in it maybe once a year since now she is 14 years old and knows what's going on.

Then it hit me last month that I should at least have written a travel journal because we have been to a lot of places, and we just came back from our 12th cruise. Duh!! Why didn't I think of that before. Anyway, I bought one before this last cruise and wrote in it everyday. And I intend to do that for every trip we take from now on.

Also did you know you can do journaling online? I just found out last month. There are a few sites but the one I like is Oprah's at http://oprah.com. I think you have to join as a memeber(its free) and then you go into journaling and there are different ones you can use. I might use one for my exercise program I'm starting next week [Wink] I don't know how it works, I guess you get a password because no one can read it then [Razz] .

Well I am being called to my cook duty.

Have a great weekend