Story line - a young lawyer, 30 yrs old, is trying to get on with her life. But, her younger sister seems to constantly be in need of "taking care of" ... They have absolutely NOTHING In common, they don't look alike, don't dress alike, don't act alike, but, they wear the same size shoes, and her little sister keeps taking her shoes!

But, that's the outer layer, peel it back like an onion, and you'll find a deeper, more emotional story in this book.

These two sisters are all they have against the world. Their mother died when they were young from an "accident" after a manic-deppressive episode. Their father married a woman who never thought they were good enough to measure up to her own daughter. Their father ran the one woman who could have helped these girls grow up semi-normal out of their lives, their grandmother. The older sister is studious, straight and narrow type personality, and heavy-set. The younger sister is a wild party girl, but dyslexic who refuses to get help for her learning disabilty and can't hold a job.

So, as the story progresses, the girls fight, squabble, and then separate. The younger sister finds herself out on her own and grows up, learns how to work with her abilities, finds her grandmother in Florida and finds her perfect career in the process.

The older sister takes time off from her firm, finds out how to have fun, starts her own dog sitting and errand running biz, gets engaged, and gets a letter from her sister telling her about her grandmother. She confronts her father, they argue and she heads to Florida to meet up with her past.

In the end, the older sister gets married in a beautiful gown created specifically for her designed by her sister and in the shoes of her grandmother.

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