OK, I wanted to write about Epsom Salts, but I tried to cut/paste some content from an article I found, to save a bit of typing time, and it not only won't show up, it also somehow makes it so my own content is invisible.

So let's just say that for several years now I have successfully controlled my restless legs by taking a nice hot soaking bath nightly just before bed.

I don't for sure recall where I got this idea, but it works very well. I add Dr. Teals Epsom Salts to the water, which I think is quite beneficial. I like the kind that comes with Eucalyptus oil, but there are other "flavors" too.

Epsom salts on their own are known to benefit those suffering with sore muscles, migraine headaches and bronchial asthma.

In fact, I probably started the baths originally to help my breathing. That would be why I selected the Eucalyptus scent.

By themselves, Epsom salts, an age old remedy, are known to relieve both pain and inflammation.

Amazingly, they also help neutralize foot odor, I'm told.

However, which I haven't used Epsom for anything else, I hear there are many other beauty uses, as well as ways to use them in the home and garden.

Is anyone else a fan of Epsom Salts? Please share your experiences.
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