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Well, you need a will and an executor to make sure wishes are carried out. And the executor needs to be someone who will not be swayed by threats or sob stories. For all of us, if we simply express our wishes and our documents aren't legal or treated as though they are, it's just talk.

Unfortunate but true. Also unfortunate but true is that deaths often bring out the worst in people, who decide they will get even for an old grudge or take possessions because they think they deserve them. People might think their own families will be exempt from this shabby behavior, but no.

I would be a good executor because I am really mean!

Very true by just having a party and not making your comments/wishes legal doesn't mean much for...yourself after long gone.

I'm trying to imagine such a party...yet if one made decisions already and announced them, it might cast a strange pall. Seriously. That's my interpretation. Maybe I'm too serious about this.

I don't I would have a big party or stuff. Just a lovely dinner for the executor(s). If possible maybe have 2 executors, each person designated with a specific role. Just an idea.
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