Well, I'll go ahead and speak freely, Menopause Moxie. For someone who is only seeking to educate, you might want to reevaluate your style here just a bit. This is a bit like having a conversation and a stranger just barges in and starts a whole new topic.

You may not be looking for friends, but surely you are seeking listeners. You couldn't maybe say hello first? No, "Hi, I'm Menopause Moxie and have been through it all regarding women's health issues. I'd love to share what I have learned with you."

Believe me, the other posters here will testify that I can be pretty blunt and am not a shy flower who gets her feelings hurt easily. I actually mistook you for one of those people who periodically floods the group here with some product. You know, we just wait for Anne to clear those posts out....

If others want to tell me I'm out of line I'll accept the criticism fully.

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