Iím not selling anything although Iím sure it appears as though I am. I donít take offense to skepticism and welcome conversation. Not everyone is going to agree with me and Iím not interested in winning any popularity contests. What I say goes against the ďnormĒ in medicine but I'm compelled to speak up. We have been mislead, both patients and providers, as to what real medicine is. Our modern medical model has nothing to do with wellness and preventing disease. Healthcare reform isnít about health care; itís about insurance and money. When we go to the doctor and complain about our symptoms, we leave with a handful of prescriptions to manage the symptoms of disease we go there for in the first place. When did it become okay to allow doctors to keep us ill so they can write scripts for the drug companies? This is a very good business model for the pharmaceutical industry that has been fine tuned over the past 30 years. There isnít a whole lot of money to be made with healthy people. Our medical model should contain education for every medical student on how to get to the root cause of the problem, fix it as naturally as possible, and minimize prescription drugs.

Standing up against the medical industry puts me at risk for sounding like a conspiracy theorist but I started Menopause Moxie because there is so much misinformation circulating on the internet about perimenopause, PMS, menopause, and their treatments. Women have been suffering for years with estrogen deficiency and the conditions caused by it, but are only given drugs to manage the symptoms. Doctors are managing symptoms that can be eliminated by getting to the cause of the problem for perimenopause, PMS, menopause, and other estrogen deficiency conditions women take prescription drugs to manage. If we know these conditions stem from estrogen deficiency, why arenít we restoring the very estrogen we used to have that protected us against diseases and made us feel alive? Women are given low dose hormones to treat the symptoms of estrogen deficiency but continue to be estrogen deficient, staying at risk for other degenerative diseases. This is the exercise wheel of conventional medicine. Women want off the nightmare ride but they donít know where to go for answers and help. There are only a handful of doctors who think outside of the conventional box of medicine who are interested in restoring hormones to adequate levels. Medical school teaches doctors disease management, not how to get patients well. Even if doctors wanted more training in hormone optimization, there are only a couple of independent doctors in this country that train other doctors how to do it. Right now there is no formal training for hormone restoration and women are paying for it in more ways than one.
Menopause Moxie~The Real Menopause Expert