As proprietor of New Mexico Soap, we have found that Unrefined Shea Butter (ours with added Avocado Oil) is the best topical for skin... ANY skin issue. Granted, as yonuh mentioned above, some folks have oily skin. They just use it sparingly.

But here in the Southwest where weather is not of the "norm", neither is skin care of the "norm". Since 2001, I have used nothing else on my skin but our Unrefined Shea Butter. No lip balm (wax clogs pores), hair conditioners (same thing has fabric softener...coats with wax), nor bath oils (Shea melts in bath water!) or lotions (made with chemicals or "whipped" with air).

Our former head honcha, Dotsie, has her diabetic husband use our shea butter for his feet. His doctor was very pleased with the condition of them since diabetics have to take good pedi-care.

Locally, many, many kids and adults alike have eczema. They come back with tears that our Shea Butter has helped when doctors have not.

Other testimonials include: Cracked feet and fingers, razor irritation, itchiness, dry cuticles, after sunburn care, bug bites, burns, even applied in nostrils for those dry spells of summer heat/wind.

We believe and use what we sell!!

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