Several years ago, I had such terrible problems with my face...I still don't know if it was rosacea or acne or both, but my cheeks were covered in itchy red postules that would sometimes ooze. I was so embarrassed that I wouldn't even go out. I tried everything...many of the women here offered various solutions, but nothing worked, including prescription pills and creams prescribed by the dermatologist. It was horrible and I was quite distraught.

Then my brother (Gary, the one who died five years ago) went out and bought me the Pro-Active cleaning kit. I was so skeptical, but he had paid a lot of money for it so I felt obligated to try it out. It really stung, and I almost decided to not use it. But I loved my brother and his thoughtfulness, so continued. Slowly but surely my face started to clear up and within 2 weeks all of the red pustules were completely gone. I stayed with the Pro Active for a few months.

Then (because it was so expensive) I decided to try and switch to a very gentle aloe-based cleanser and face cream from The Body Shop and use the PA stuff only as needed. Nothing else touches my face. Every other morning I only use plain warm water and then apply a wee bit of Aloe face cream; on the other days I use the aloe cleanser and face cream. And about once a month I use the entire ProActive Regime. Usually once a month is enough now, but when I get a big flareup I'll use it for a few days until it clears up.

It took me years of suffering to finally find a regime that would work with my sensitive skin. This system now works so well that I won't allow anything else to ever touch my face. I do notice that I almost always have a flare-up after a dentist appt, so suspect that the rubber gloves are an irritant (they use latex-free, so it's not latex).
When you don't like a thing, change it.
If you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

(Maya Angelou)