I want to express my appreciation to Anne who stated the need for us to only link to legitimate, verifiable information sources. (This was some stuff posted by "charlotte".)

It seriously points out how we and younger generations must learn/sharpen our information literacy skills. What criteria are we using to assess, select and recommend information sources from the web.

My advice is:
*who is the author, their credentials and expertise/formal training. Their organizational links.
*does the referenced organization offer a mailing address, phone number. How long have they been in business?
*do they have a business license, are they listed in local phone directories.
*Any of their staff belong to professional organizations, are they active in them?
*Do they list associated non-profit and govn't orgnanizations?
*Do they understand the law as it relates to their industry?

Etc. This is stuff teachers and librarians are trying to cultivate in the next generations.

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