I would love to see the pic, too, Eagle!

Around here, one of the most interesting women is a gal a bit too young to be a Boomer -- I think she is only about 35 -- but she went through a period when she had pink hair. For years. Seems she's gone back to blonde again, but I loved her hair as it showed verve and individuality.

She's a techie -- she and her brother own a software development company that specializes in high-end email software for large volume, time critical, opt-in mailing lists. Not sure of all the details, but I know the system is favored by entities which send out a BOATLOAD of email and require security.

But at the same time, she also owns a bar on Main Street here in Galena, called Miss Kitty's Grape Escape.

So the pink hair thing went well with the bar -- and I am sure it made her more memorable when she attended software developer conferences.

Here's a link to the bar site with a cartoon of Miss Kitty when she had pink hair: Grape Escape Galena

So show us your pink hair, Eagle!
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